How to Earn Money Using Your Mobile Phones

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Mobile smart phones and tablet computers have become part of our daily lives and whilst some people are content to simply use these devices for their multimedia and communication capabilities, others want to use them to generate an extra income. If you would like to capitalise on the incredible money making opportunities available on your mobile I can assure you that getting started is simple, straightforward and profitable.

All online money making programmes may not earn you the same amount of income; you need to do your research in order to get the best available ones and make the highest possible income/revenue from them. In this write up, I shall talk about few ways you can possibly earn money using mobile.

How do I earn money using mobile?

One of the most popular online money generating activities currently is Forex trading. Forex apps and mobile compatible sites have become increasingly popular and leading trading platforms allow for beginners and professionals to take advantage of the market. A major benefit of mobile Forex platforms is the instant access you are afforded to real time information and trading tips. You can immediately move on a hot tip or sell as soon as there is a dip, rather than having to sit through a crash because you didn’t trade in time.

An interesting and entertaining money making opportunity for mobile entrepreneurs is mobile gaming. Real money casino games can be enjoyed at compatible sites such as and those who excel at these games of luck and skill can generate a regular income if they are confident in their ability. In many cases these sites offer casino bonuses that boost your bankroll, allowing you to play for longer and increasing your winning potential. Mobile gaming has become incredibly popular and developers have capitalised on this. If you have the necessary development skills, a quick way to make money is to release an app that users have to pay to download. This money making idea is only suited to devices that run the Android operating system, as unlike Apple they allow for unchecked, 3rd party downloads.

Blogging for an income is a highly competitive field but with a fresh angle, the right sponsors and public interest it can easily generate extra funds. This is one of the oldest ways of making money online and with the release of mobile blogging facilities the opportunities have increased tenfold. Sponsored reviews are one of the most common forms of paid-for blogging and are a legitimate way of monetizing your blog. By utilising your mobile device you can blog from anywhere and at anytime, making it easier to update your page and thus increase your search rankings. The more popular your blog, the more money you will earn so invest in staying on trend with SEO strategies and mobile marketing.

Mobile rewards sites are also becoming more commonplace and users can earn money by watching videos, purchasing at certain stores or reviewing products using their phones. These reward programs generally offer a free sign up and users can accumulate points and convert them to cash or credit for shopping online.

Loyalty programs can also be a lucrative way of making money with your mobile and often subscribers are offered access to special competitions or giveaways that feature more than just cash prizes. Incentive bonuses or rewards are a great way for online marketers to expand their market and by referring people for sign up you will benefit from an additional bonus.

Completing surveys with your mobile is an easy way to make extra cash, although your income is limited. Generally mobi sites that require survey participation release only a few surveys a week and they are not hugely lucrative. These surveys may also be for a limited target market in which you may not always fulfil the necessary criteria.


In a nutshell, there are many ways to utilise your mobile to make money and these are just a few of the most common forms. The innovative technology that has been utilised to power these devices makes them a valuable asset and any entrepreneur will be able to utilise the resources on offer and capitalise on them.

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