How To Earn Your First $200 Writing Sponsored Reviews

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Have you been blogging and you have not made your first $200 online? Are you already feeling discouraged and want to quit your blog because the money is not forthcoming? I want to assure you that you can earn your first $200 writing sponsored reviews and without much hassles.

Sponsored review is a legitimate way of monetizing your blog and earning cool cash regularly without mighty Google holding its gavel over your head. It is simply a system where advertisers link up with blog owners and have them write an unbiased reviews for their products and publish it on their blogs.

Such reviews are more of the blogger’s personal opinion about the standard or quality of the product, and an indirect way of recommending the products to his blog readers. When such reviews are approved, the advertiser pays the blogger for his work and everyone is happy. The advertiser spends money to pay the bloggers who writes to create awareness about the product. In this case, it is a win-win situation because both parties are satisfied. can pay you faster than depending on Google Adsense revenue that is hardly reliable for new bloggers. So using the platform of “link from blog” could be the best place to get the first $200 you want to earn online, and earn it with a peace of mind.

How Link From Blog can help you earn your first $200

Once you are registered on “link from blog” and added your blog, the blog has to go through an approval process, in which case you write a short post about them and add either the visible or invisible counter to your post. You can as well add their banner to your site. When you are approved, you get some bonuses and also become eligible to bid for sponsored reviews by having access to their market place where you bid for offers from advertisers. If your offers are accepted, you go and write a review on the product and then submit it to the advertise and if the final writing is accepted you get paid.

In order to stand a better chance, your blog needs to be at least PR2, with good social media presence and well updated. Your write up also needs to be well researched and unbiased as advertisers would not pay you for fabricated reviews. Your review needs to be free from grammatical blunders and must be well understood by your readers.

Most times, advertisers want to advertise on blogs because it the easiest and fastest way to get words about their products across to a large audience. They also believe you could be trusted by your blog readers who would easily buy products that you personally reviewed. Why don’t you take advantage of this to earn your first $200 online?


Link from blog is a good platform to link up with advertisers and get products to review in order to earn some dollars in return. Writing well researched reviews could give you an added advantage of getting more reviews and earning more revenue in the process.

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  1. superb guide thanks

  2. EmitezBoy says:

    I personally make a good amount writing for other sites I think I should try this site thanks for sharing !
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    • efoghorjoe says:

      Congratulations EmitezBoy. Good to hear you are making good cash in some sites. Trying out this would not be bad idea too.

  3. Hi dear,
    I've heard a lot about this sponsored review of a thing but has not really given it a thought. From what I've heard, its really one of the ways to get some dough easily from your blog.

    I think i will have to start with Link From Blog to see what it looks like. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW: A nice blog you have here.
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    • efoghorjoe says:

      Theodore, The best way to start earning more than your contemporaries is to stop procrastinating and take action.

      If you are contented with your current earnings, then there is no need to give it a try. But if you are still struggling, or you need additional income stream, then go and try Link From Blog right away.

  4. Hey Efoghor,

    Sponsored reviews are great way to make money, but I never gave it a much thought. Heading over to LinkFromBlog to see what it has to offer.

    Great post, btw.

    • Efoghor Joseph Ezie says:

      It's good to have a try. It could turn out to be a good way of generating passive income for yourself.

  5. Nice guide. Publishing sponsored reviews earns you a very decent income and superior to all other money blogging strategies. If you put your efforts in building a good blog, then sponsored articles can earn you a very decent living.
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  6. It’s good post.What are the differences between Product reviews and sponsored reviews ? are both same ?

    I’m new to blogosphere. I have heard about sponsored reviews.But i think that it’s not a recurring income. By placing PPC or CPM ads we can earn more revenue in any day,after week,month even years. But as a blogger who wants quick money,publishing sponsored reviews on blog is one of best way to earn quick money.

    • Chamal, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. The difference between product reviews and sponsored reviews is the money involved. Product reviews could be done for free; but when money exchanges hands, it is known as sponsored review because you get monetary or other forms of compensations to do the reviews.

      Yes, sponsored reviews are not recurring income earner but to make money with PPC or CPM, you need adequate traffic which is not as easy for beginners. But when you have great traffic, you can really earn recurrent passive income with PPC and CPM.

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