6 Reasons Why Your Google Adsense Revenue Is Drying Up

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You may have noticed in recent time that your Google Adsense revenue is drying up; but you just can’t fathom why this should be happening to you. You have even started to think that someone somewhere is sabotaging your efforts and stealing the revenue due you, or that Google is witch-hunting you for no justifiable reason.

You know you are working hard to get something in return, but that which you expect is just not forth-coming. So you are getting seriously worried. Now to start with, how would someone steal your Adsense revenue from the outside without having access to your blog dashboard? Or how would someone steal your adsense money without first changing your adsense code? For this to happen, the person must be able to effect a change in your code right from your Google adsense account or have access to where you saved your code in your notepad or from your computer hard drive. These are nearly all impossible, and even if it is possible, the chances are slim.

Now back to the second possibility that Google might be witch-hunting you. Why do you think Google should be against you? Does Google know you in person? Why should Google hate you? Do you know that Google needs you to be able to make enough money from Adsense? Your Google adsense revenue is drying up for purely different reasons.

Every blogger wants to make money with Google adsense

Google adsense is the most popular way bloggers are using to monetize their blogs today. So the moment somebody sets up a new blog, his mind is already on how to make money with Google adsense. It is the easiest way and the lazy man’s way to make money because once you set it up, you hardly do any other thing and yet the money keeps coming in.

However, this dream might not just be realizable as thought. Sometimes you start making few dollars and then suddenly it stops coming all together. It might also be that after setting up your blog and adding content to it, you start waiting for the money to roll in but nothing comes at all. There are reasons why your Google adsense revenue is drying up. Did I hear you say ‘Supernatural’? Please don’t go spiritual this time around. Your problem is purely a physical issue, not spiritual.

Why your Google Adsense revenue is drying up

Some of the reasons why your Google adesense revenue is drying up include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Promoting to the wrong audience:

If you are promoting your blog to the wrong audience, using forums, social media, etc. the tendency is that they may visit your blog but they would not click on your adsense units. If the keywords you are using on your blog or the adwords you are using to drive traffic are not targeted, tendency is that the traffic might come but they soon discover they are in the wrong environment, so they leave hastily without clicking on anything on your site.

2. Failing to engage your audience:

Your blog readers keep visiting and leaving comments in your comment box but nobody cares to respond. Their questions are never answered either because you are too busy doing other things or you simply don’t see reasons why they should be answered. This leaves your readers frustrated and feeling like orphans. They gradually stop coming to your site. This eventually contributes to the reasons why your Google Adsense revenue is drying up.

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3. Unattractive blog:

Driving traffic to your blog is worthless if the blog is unattractive. The blog layout is poor, navigation is difficult, background colour is either too dull or excessively sharp and harsh, loading takes several seconds, everywhere is littered with ads, etc. As soon as a visitor lands on your blog, he hits the back button immediately. Very soon your Adsense revenue would begin to dwindle because the bounce rate of your blog is alarmingly high.

4. Poor content:

There are several blogs out there with quality content. So why should anyone come to your blog and waste his precious time reading worthless, poor quality articles? The moment a visitor lands on your site and discovers there is nothing to gain from it, he would not come next time. When more and more readers stop coming, adsense revenue also decreases.

5. Inadequate traffic:

Google Adsense revenue generation is highly dependent on traffic. The more the traffic (especially targeted traffic), the higher the chances of earning more with your adsense account. Ask the probloggers who are earning several hundreds of dollars with their Google adsense and they will tell you that their site traffic has a role to play in this. So if you are thinking of making more money, try and drive more targeted traffic to your blog and they will help you generate the income.

6. Wrong positioning of ads:

The position you place your ad block on your blog really matters a lot. Hiding them in places where they are hardly visible would mean reduction in revenue as nobody is going to see your ads let alone clicking on them. Placing your ad block in-between so many widgets can make it difficult for your visitors to see. Sometimes placing ad blocks on the left sidebars also reduces revenue as visitors mostly have their eyes on the right sidebars and the top panel as they visit your site.


The reasons why your Google Adsense revenue is drying up could be either because you are promoting to the wrong audience, failing to engage your blog readers, your blog is unattractive, content quality is poor, inadequate traffic or because your ads are wrongly positioned on your blog or website. Take care of these problems and see your revenue skyrocket again.

Are there other reasons I have not mentioned which you feel are contributing to a reduction in Google Adsense revenue? Please share them with us; we would love to hear your own personal opinions. If you find this post helpful, please hit the share buttons to share it with your friends. Remember to leave your comments in the comment box below. Thanks for reading this article to the end. God bless.

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