Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives That Will Make You Money

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Google Adsense has become very unpredictable these days; and it would make a lot of sense for webmasters and blog owners not to completely depend on Google Adsense for their site’s revenue generation. In as mush as you want to use Adsense, you must have a “plan B’ in case they wake up one day to say you have been banned from using their product.

This post therefore is going to show us the top 10 Google Adsense alternatives that we can make use of in case of any eventuality. They have the potential to give us something to lean on even if they may not be able to give us 100% of what we want.

A lot of webmasters suffered heart breaks when they were suddenly banned by Google. Some have quit blogging entirely because of the disappointment they suffered. They never prepared for the hammer that suddenly came down heavily on them. I believe you don’t want to make the same mistake that those people made. So, in case for any reason you suffer same fate, these are the top 10 Google Adsense alternatives that will make you money:

What are the Google Adsense Alternatives?

In a simple sentence, Google adsense alternatives include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Chitika: Chitika works like Google Adsense in that they place their ads on your blogs through the use of banners, and when people click on them you are paid a certain percentage of the advert revenue. The only difference between them is that while Google adsense use contextual ads, Chitika does not.

A contextual ad simply means that Google only places ads that are specifically related to your niche or articles on your blog. While Google forbids placing other ads on the same page with its adsense, it does not forbid chitika ads for the fact they are not contextual. The minimum payout by Paypal is $10 while that of check is $50. They are therefore one of the available Google adsense alternatives.

2. Kontera:Kontera offers you an alternative to Google adsense. They provide inline text ads and their minimum payout with Paypal is $50. They have about the best payout and their Click Through Rate is high. Click here to get your free Kontera account

3. Clicksor: This is another top 10 alternative for Google Adsense. They provide contextual ads; meaning you cannot place them on the same page with Google adsense. Clicksor generally allows you to place one ad on a page at a time on your site or blog.

You can get a reasonable pay from them because their bid price is competitive and their payout is okay. The minimum payout with Paypal is usually $20 on a 15 day schedule. They are somehow strict on the kinds of persons to accept.

Some of their available alternatives include image ads, flash ads, text links, banner ads, interstitial ads, pop unders, etc. They search for keyword that are in your site and place their text links ads on them which visitors then click on to generate revenues for you. To open your free account Sign Up Here

4. Infolinks: Infolinks would index your pages and sort out keywords which are currently not linked and make them into advertising links. These links are highlighted when visitors move their cursors over them. When they click on the highlighted links they would generate revenues for you.

Some publishers don’t like the double lines appearing on their in-texts, which to them makes the whole thing an eye sore. To others, this is perfectly okay. The good news however, is that, infolinks can be integrated on the same page with Google Adsense.

It just gives you an opportunity to make an extra income. Though some people have complained that it lowered their Google Adsense revenue, some also observed that it provided extra revenue for them. You have to experiment and come up with what you think is best for your site.

While setting up your infolinks campaign, you have the right to configure your in-text colour to blend with the background of your blog and to make it less offensive. Their payment is by Paypal or by check. You can open your free Infolinks Account Here

5. Exit Junction: Just like the name suggests, exit Junction enables you serve ads to visitors who come to your site through the major search engines. As they hit the back button, exit junction presents them with their ads which if clicked on would provide you some income. This programme ensures that you also get additional revenue from those who leave your site.

You are paid for both local and international traffic that your site generates. The good news about them is that their ads are non-contextual; so they can be served on the same page as Google Adsense. They also pay you for life 10% commission on the revenue generated by every publisher you refer to them. Get your free Exitjunction Account Here

6. Value Click Media: This is another place where you can monetize your site. The only problem with Value Click media is that they tend to neglect smaller sites and concentrate only on big sites that have fat advertising budgets. Payment is made on the 25th of the next month after your pay is due. Payment is made by check or Paypal.

7. Dynamic Oxygen: This is one of the top 10 Google Adsense alternatives. They pay for both local and international traffic. Payout is by check, Paypal or Bank Wire. Their ads include interstitials, layer ads, peeler ads, Anchor ads, etc. They provide non-contextual ads, making it suitable to place them on the same page with Google Adsense. You serve their ads wholly or as a complement to Google adsense on your site.

Apart from earning revenue through placement of ads on your site, you also receive for life 5% commission on all revenue earned by any publisher you refer. To open a free account Click Here

8. Adengage: This is also one of the top 10 Google Adsense alternatives that will make you money. They are simple to use, and also a good replacement for buysellads because they allow you place square 125×125 ad spaces on your blogs. They provide you with phototext ads, expandable rectangles, skyscrapers,etc. They accept both websites and blogs. Payments are made with Check, Paypal, bank wire and Adengage account credit.

9. Burst Media: Burst media is fairly old in the online business and they are reliable. They give you full control of the type of ad to place on your site or blog. They are mainly high CPM campaigns.

10. also provides you with a good alternative to Google adsense. They have video ads, mobile ads, text ads, text+image ads, etc. Their pay is competitive and can give you some level of monetary freedom if you implement their ad package on your site.

So if you need to make extra money, you need to consider those top 10 Google Adsense alternatives. They could be a source of financial relief. Never depend completely on just one source of income online. Remember to sign up using some of my links above as a way of encouraging me for this job.

If you have some better ones I have not mentioned, please share them with us in the commetluv enabled comment box below. We would love to hear your personal opinion. God bless you for making this blog a success.

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