Online Importation Business: The Beginner’s Guide

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Online importation business is now the in thing because location-based businesses are gradually losing their grips in commerce since the arrival of the internet. A lot of business owners are gradually establishing their presence online; and anyone who does not take advantage of this trend would be left behind.

The traditional way of buying and selling from a departmental store or a shopping centre located in heart of town is almost completely out of vogue and being systematically replaced with ecommerce and online shopping sites. Keying into online importation business would not be a bad step after all.

People are now learning to shop with their master cards, visa cards, Paypal virtual cards, America express cards, Payoneer card, etc. because it makes things relatively easier. You can virtually buy anything from the comfort of your room and they are delivered to you without much hassles.

Gone therefore are the days when a buyer must travel several kilometers to a shopping centre to do his weekend shopping. Why would you do that when you can just visit an ecommerce site and select the goods of your choice into a shopping cart and then pay with your card? The transaction takes a few minutes and you go back to sleep, waiting for your products to be delivered by courier or by shipping.

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Advantages of online importation business

The advantages of online importation business are quite numerous. But for the sake of time, I will quickly list out a few of them :

1. Money back guarantee :

Buying goods online comes with a money back guarantee. This means that your money is returned or the goods are replaced if they are delivered in bad condition. You have the right to reject the goods if they do not meet your expectation, and then you either ask the supplier to replace with a better quality ones or ask for refund of your money.

2. Ease of transaction :

It is easy to shop and order for your goods online. It takes a few minutes to pick up what you want and pay with your card. You don’t have to carry any loads, and shopping sites are usually easier to navigate than the traditional super markets. All you need is check the category where what you want is located and pick what is needed.

3. Distance not a barrier :

Online importation business has no problem of distance as one can easily order products from any part of the world without leaving one’s bedroom. A buyer from Nigeria for instance, can easily buy from a seller located in the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, etc. without having to travel all the way from Nigeria to the physical location of the seller.

4. Payment is easy:

Several of the sites are supported by Paypal and other payment processors, making it easy for one to pay even in one’s own local currency. For example, a buyer from Nigeria who does not have a domiciliary account (dollar or Pound sterling) can still buy, and Paypal would collect the naira equivalent from his credit or master card. There is no need for currency exchange before transaction can take place.

5. Secured:

Importing goods online has been made safer with the use of the secured payment platforms to ensure your master cards or visa cards are not accessed by credit cards thieves. Once on the payment platform, look up the address bar to be sure the “https” instead of the normal “http” URL is displayed. The former one is a secured platform while the latter is not. The secured payment platforms are provided for security of the buyers’ cards and details.

6. Uninterrupted jobs:

One can easily buy good online without having to stop whatever job one is doing. Because of the fraction of time it takes to complete transaction, there would be no need to stop one’s routine for the purposes of travelling, doing a long phone conversation, etc before a deal could be struck. In a matter of minutes, one is free and one’s normal job is continued without undue interruption.

How to start online importation business

You need some important things to start importing goods online. Some of the things required are as followed:

Credit card:

Credit card, master card, visa card, etc is required just for the purpose of paying for the products. This can either be denominated in US Dollars or your local currency. If it is in your local currency, the dollar equivalent would be removed to pay for the goods.

Functional home address:

This is required in order to be able to locate the buyer and have his goods delivered to his home. Usually, home address, street name and town are needed for safe delivery.

Identity card:

This is needed to avoid delivering the goods to the wrong hands. An international passport, national identity card or a driver license would do. The courier service should be able to clearly identify the owner of the product, using any of those three most acceptable means of identification.

Your phone number:

You may be called on the phone to come to the local post office to pick up your imported goods in case you cannot be reached on your home address. So make sure your phone number has facility to receive calls.

I have written an e-book on this topic and with it you can comfortably start your mini online importation business without stress. The e-book would be given out free to those who
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What will the mini importation e-book show you?

The following are some of the things to find in the online importation business e-book:
 How to start importing products from some sites and receive them in your home address.
 Four reputable sites where you can conveniently import goods that are cheap and of high standard and then make high profits.
 How to market your goods/how to find the market.
 All the requirements for a starter
 How to reject any substandard products and get your money back.
 How to report any defaulting supplier. Etc.

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