Michael Chibuzor Speaks: Freelance Business Isn’t Easy

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Esteemed readers of Business Success Guide, today we will be featuring Mr. Michael Chibuzor, one of Nigeria’s successful freelance writers and content marketers. Michael Chibuzor has got some success stories to tell us. He has helped a lot of struggling entrepreneurs reposition their dying businesses online.

He has written great contents for sites like problogger, Johnchow, Freelanceswitch, Lifehack, Bloggingtips, etc. And he has been featured in several online magazines. Michael Chibuzor is in deed one of the most successful content marketers online, earning comfortable income in the process

I recently requested he granted us an interview to enable my teeming readers get to know him, and he willingly obliged to answer some questions about himself, his online business journeys and his plan for the future.

So take your time to read this interview to the end because it’s originally intended for you – to help you take care of some areas of difficulties you may be facing in your blogging or freelance business. Be free to ask your questions or make your comments at the end of the post. Chibuzor would gladly answer your questions>

Welcome to Business Success Guide

You’re most welcome Joseph. And thank you!

Could you please tell us your name and where you are from?

Hello Joseph, I’m so honoured for this opportunity to meet with your loyal community. All right, my name is Michael Chibuzor and I’m from Delta State, Nigeria. I make a living online as a freelance writer and my blog is contentmarketingup.com

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise are SEO, freelance writing and content marketing as a whole.

How is freelance job different from other regular/secular jobs?

The only difference between freelance job and other regular/secular jobs is the flexibility.

As a freelance writer, I get to work whenever I want to. I make 85% of the rules and I earn what I’m truly worth.
I can’t do that working for any man as an employee. What do you think?

May we know a little about your educational background and how it has helped your freelancing job?

The truth is that succeeding in life has little to do with our traditional education. I mean going to University and acquiring a degree.

Although, my tertiary education has really helped my confidence level, but I’ve gained and learned so MUCH from the warehouse of information on the internet.

For instance, I didn’t learn how to write, negotiate with clients or start up a business in School. I learned by reading books, attending seminars and conferences and listening to my mentor. A great man said it well, “the real education is outside the university blocks.”

Apart from your secular education, did you undergo any special course before you started as a freelance writer?

Yes, I went through a process of learning on the internet. I actually paid for online courses to help my writing skills, which I’m very much grateful for. In fact, I’ve plans to enroll in an online publishing program in the US this year.

How many e-books or books has Michael Chibuzor authored so far?

I’ve authored 2 e-books so far. No hard copy book yet. But I am working hard on my next e-book launch and I want to make it the best ever.

How do you feel like being a successful freelancer?

Firstly, I feel relaxed, knowing that the hassles of submitting resume and waiting for a so-called employer to employ and pay me peanuts are gone.

Secondly, my greatest satisfaction comes from my clients and how their businesses are growing. They loved me for supporting them. Makes me want to cry sometimes – knowing that I’ve touched lives across the world, from Nigeria.

You have written several guest posts, including some on problogger, Johnchow, Freelanceswitch, Lifehack, Bloggingtips, etc; how have you been getting the links to write for these great blogs?

You may not believe me, but did you know that I didn’t pitch guest post topic to any of those sites you mentioned initially.

They actually read my guest posts at the time, because I was getting featured on their favorite blogs. They asked me to write guest articles for them, which I did because I needed to build a brand online.

Sure, after the initial contact, I worked for a few of those pro bloggers and today, it’s easier for me to send a guest article and it’d be published within 7 days.

I built the relationship by helping them with good and valuable content. If you can do that consistently, you’d build a large friendship yacht full of influencers.

Would you consider writing some guest posts for Business Success Guide also? I believe my readers would love to read your post here.

Sure, if you want me to write one, I’ll. Writing is what makes me happy and I put my heart into it; no matter who is involved or the blog in question. I desire to make the world a much better place with powerful words.

What makes Michael Chibuzor thick as a freelancer/blogger?

Hmm, now that’s a “thick” question. Anyways, I research a lot. I read like a maniac. I listen more than I talk. I’m also thick because am a Nigerian and you’re my brother. Lol!

What has been the best method of promoting your business online?

Guest blogging is my #1. Also, I’m starting to attract organic traffic from Google recently. For this reason, I’m giving more TIME to SEO and Press release distributions. That’s how I promote my business online.

Who is your mentor?

My online mentor is Ewen Chia (Super Affiliate). My offline mentor is Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad).

Your hiring fee seems to be a little expensive; how are people able to hire you?

Listen to this: as a freelancer, if you can provide immense value and help businesspeople to get good/great results, they’d GLADLY pay you any amount.

My fee might seem a little “expensive” because I can almost guarantee that when you hire my writing services, I’d triple or quadruple your investment. How about that?

Like how much does Michael Chibuzor make as a freelancer per annum?

Aha, I know you’d definitely ask this. And you expect me to disclose that especially in 9ja? Sorry bro. I can’t. But let’s just say that God is GOOD!

How have you been able to impart your freelance skills into other Nigerians?

At the moment, I’ve a handful of upcoming Nigerian freelance writers as protégés. I’ve been supporting them with ideas, tips and exclusive content on my email list.

I set up blogs for them at no cost and help them renew their hosting packages before it expires. Do you think that I’m doing enough Joseph?

I’ve about 1920+ followers on Twitter. More than 200 persons in my Google+ circle. As for Facebook, I don’t use it that much. I’ve replaced FB with linkedin.

What have been your greatest challenges online?

In 2011, my greatest challenge was on how to get paid. PayPal, Clickbank and other top payment services don’t accept Nigerians.

The other challenge is getting a credit card from our banks to make purchases online for my business. But I’m glad to announce to you that Nigeria is growing rapidly and all those roadblocks are being lifted off one by one.

What advice do you have for those who are new comers to freelancing?

My advice is simple: Fire your negative thoughts and make sure your mindset doesn’t hold you down. Freelance business isn’t easy as it seems.

You’ll need to work harder than your mates. There is no shortcut to online success, no matter the model you choose. Be yourself but learn from mentors.

And more importantly, TAKE ACTION EVERY DAY.

Thank you Mr. Michael Chibuzor for finding time to attend our interview. We really appreciate. God bless you.

God bless you too Joseph.

Well, subscribers, you have all heard from the freelance guru, Michael Chibuzor. I hope you have all been inspired by his story? How has his life touched you? How has his success story challenged you to do better online? Share your comments with us on the comment box below.

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