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Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the best ways to market any product these days, it allows you to have a worldwide audience like no other media can, the costs of doing online marketing are very low and the easiness to do it is incredibly high. Marketing products online can be done using tools such as social media, blogs, websites, ads, and more. Even when marketing products online is very effective and easy to do it requires creativity and skills. I’ve been doing some research about this and I have found that many sites offering products are not doing a great job about it because they simply offer information about the product, but they never tell the visitor why they are even sharing that information or why these specific details are important. This behavior applies even to giant selling companies, so stay where you are and keep reading because this will produce a major boost to your online marketing efforts.

Marketing is the most important part to any business, here is where the money comes from and it is critical to pay enough attention to it or you will be broke. There are two major ways of promoting any business; there is active marketing and also attractive marketing, one is a push and the other one is a pull. Most websites out there are being pushy flooding their visitors with ads, promotions, senseless calls to action, and unbeatable deals that the visitor isn’t even looking for. This strategy may work a little bit but the reality is that most people will tend to avoid these places simply because they will see nothing for them there. This is what gives birth to the necessity of doing things differently.

The best way to market products offline and online is to market information first, thus you tell people what the products are about and from there they can decide better what to go for; at the same time this creates trust because it makes your site look like an authority and helps to engage more people. Information marketing is in fact one of the best trades to do, because you give people information (that most of the times can be free) and in exchange they give back money to you. This information can be shared in many, many ways, and if it is done properly the masses will come to you with little effort.

Learn what attractive marketing is and how to implement it


You may already know what I am about to explain here; it is the other way of doing things in order to not being pushy but pulley. This approach will require a lot of information marketing combined with a great product. The central idea here is to educate as much as you can to people telling them the good, the bad, and the ugly about a general category of products, then promote the best product you can find or come up with and tell them why they should get it from you. The key here is to be honest; people have to feel that they are getting something even before purchasing anything.

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Let me give you an example of what I mean. Let’s pretend I am marketing drill bits, and now it is a great time to tell you that I know nothing about drill bits at all; but even when I’m not an expert I can learn a lot and tell people the results of my research. For this example here I will use a black oxide drill bit assortment, which is a common product used for many people, and if customers trust them I can trust them as well.

This is what most sites will have on their product description page:

This black oxide drill bit assortment is packaged in a heavy-duty case made from industrial-grade ABS material. This durable case also offers an interlocking hinge and a sliding, rubber lock, so you can count on it to stay closed and hold up to the test of time. This set includes a selection of commonly used bits that have been precision crafted to provide improved durability and faster cutting. Click here to buy.

Drill Bits

The last paragraph is a perfect example of what is out there and the vast majority of websites will display this information in some or another way. Some will just give a list of the product’s features hoping that the visitor understands everything about each point and from there buy the product. The reality is that it doesn’t work like that, because even a visitor who needs to buy a set of drills for a home improvement project will need to understand first what the product is about in order to decide if that will solve his problem. Here is where attractive information marketing plays its role.  Let me give you an example of what I mean by this.

There are many projects that can be handled using a set of drill bits, many people think that a drill bit is a drill bit and nothing else, this misconception can result in severe damage to whatever they need to drill and probably to spend more time and money than what they planned in the first place. The key when buying a drill bit is in fact to buy a set so you have a variety to decide which one fits best a specific project. Now, when buying an assortment of drills it is important to know where they are going to be used because each material requires a specific drill bit, this is due to the hardness and raw material properties. If you are not sure what material you are trying to drill then getting a set of black oxide drill bits is a great idea, they are perfect to drill on steel, copper, aluminum, brass, oak, maple, pine, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, abs, nylon and composite materials. Also the black oxide-finish offers superior durability and drill speed. An oxide drill bit assortment can fit almost any project. They also come in a durable case that will ensure you keep each drill bit on its place.

Take a look at each description and think about which one will do best. I just made my homework researching as much as I could one single feature of the product, but if you do the same with the rest of the features chances are that you will offer a lot to visitors. Notice how in the second example I never said anything like “click here to buy” because the description itself does that; I am helping someone to solve a problem and at the same time I am subtly selling a product. If you happen to be an affiliate this is a great place to put a link to a merchant.

Combine attractive marketing with value creation and boost your efforts

The one thing that will change your business is the value provided to visitors, and a great way to provide value is through the use of information by telling people what way to go; it will help both you and them and in the end that will make a difference in your results. Now it is a great time to go and examine your site and determine if you are marketing information and products or simply repeating what others are doing.

Do you know another way of information marketing? What do you think about each approach? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment.

To your online success!


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Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is an enthusiastic online entrepreneur; he recently started an online journey where he discovered great principles that are essential for building a successful business. Using his own advice, Jose enjoys sharing information through remote controlled helicopter reviews on his website, he knows that many people want to learn more about these toys, but they can’t get the right information to do it or don’t know where to find RC helicopters for sale.

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