Interview With Lahaul Seth, One of Internet’s Rising Bloggers

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1. Hello Lahaul Seth! Welcome to Business Success Guide

Thanks for having me. It’s my pleasure. You have a great blog.

2. My readers are eager to know you. So who is Lahaul Seth?

I’m an engineering student pursuing a degree in IT. Currently, I’m in my 3rd Year which means I will be graduating next year.
I’m a Programmer, Web Developer, Blogger and an Affiliate Marketer.

3. How long has Lahaul Seth been blogging?

I have been blogging for about 15 months now. When I first started blogging on the Blogger platform, I mainly used to write programs on different languages like C, C++ and Java.
After 2-3 months I moved to Web Designing which needed me to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript. And then few months ago, I got into the Internet Marketing field.
In December, 2012 I won a contest giveaway for Free Hosting for a year and that’s when I decided to launch my first WordPress Blog – LionBlogger.

4. Could you please tell us how successful you are in your blogging career?

I wouldn’t say I’m a successful blogger yet. I just recently started getting some traffic and just started to make some decent amount of money. So, I’m not quite there yet as to call myself a successful blogger.

5. You have been organizing interviews and sometimes giveaways. How successful have you been doing this?

Giveaways can be useful for increasing traffic and readership. Well, up to now the only giveaways I’ve organized for are Premium WordPress Themes.

The giveaways have been pretty successful considering LionBlogger is only two months old. Once your blog gets older and your reach gets wider that’s when your giveaway really gets some momentum.
I have plans for creating a Cash giveaway in the future for which I would need some of my friends to co-sponsor.

Interviews are also a great way to bring some traffic to your blog. When you interview someone and publish it on your blog, the interviewee’s readers would very likely visit your blog and check out the interview.

6. How have giveaways affected traffic on your site?

Like I said, LionBlogger is still a new blog. But it has got some traffic because of the giveaways. The giveaways were actually more of an experiment to research some of my audience. I basically wanted to see what kind of audience does LionBlogger attract especially other bloggers and affiliate marketers.
That’s why I organized two Theme giveaways. Only a blogger would be interested in a giveaway like that.

7. How does Lahaul Seth feel being a successful blogger?

Like I mentioned above, I’m not yet a successful blogger but slowly I’m getting there. I’m beginning to get the traffic that I need to earn some money. Hopefully, I will be a successful blogger soon.

8. What has been the best method of promoting your blog?

The best method has been social media especially Facebook. Google+ is the second best place where I get some traffic.

Other than that, commenting and sharing is a good way to promote your blog. I also do get some traffic from Google but my site still doesn’t have a lot of posts, it will take some time to get more traffic from Google.

9. Who is your mentor?

I don’t have a mentor but I do have some good blogging friends. Enstine Muki of , Wade Harman of, Jason Mathis of , Ian Eberle of and Garen Arnold of are some of my very good friends. Their blogs were the first on which I started guest posting.

10. How many social groups do you belong to? Why do you belong to such groups?

On Facebook, I belong to about 12 groups, on LinkedIn I belong to about 5 groups and on Google+, I belong to about 5 communities.
The groups help me to promote my content and I also get ideas for my own content by checking out other’s contents.

11. What have been your greatest challenges online?

The greatest challenge would be to get traffic to my blog. That was one of the reasons I moved to WordPress because of better SEO. Making money online is one of the other great challenges. It isn’t as easy as people may think.

12. What is your relationship with other bloggers in the same niche with you?

I have very good relationships with some of the blogging friends in my niche. We share and like each other’s posts and comment on each other’s blogs as well. That way our posts get promoted more.

13. What advice do you have for those who are new comers to blogging?

For new comers, I would like to say, don’t give up. Keep writing. If you don’t have an audience yet, you will soon have a large one as long as you keep writing quality content.

14. Thank you Mr. Lahaul Seth for finding time to attend our interview. God bless you.

Thanks for the interview, Joseph. It was my pleasure. I had a great time answering the questions.

Back to my readers, that was Mr. Lahaul Seth of Lionblogger. Hope you got some inspirations from him? What precisely did you derive from this interview? Remember to share your views using our commentluv enabled comment box below. Subscribe to our blog to get future posts and interviews delivered to your mailbox. We have scheduled several interviews with great bloggers, programmers, internet marketers, etc. and the best way to keep updated is to subscribe to our blog. Thanks pals and God richly bless you for reading and sharing our blog posts.

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