Chitraparna Sinha Speaks: What Sets Me Apart From Other Bloggers

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Welcome to Business Success Guide. Can we get to know you?

Thank you for having me here Joseph. I really like your blog. I am a blogger cum writer and the twain shall always meet!

Who exactly is Chitraparna Sinha? My readers would love to know more about you.

Its always tough to answer questions about yourself! 😛
Who am I?
Chitraparna Sinha photo ChitraparnaSinha_zps79519934.jpg
I am someone who is not afraid to follow a path not chosen for her by others. I am someone who is a sole traveler. I am someone who is dependable, strategist, calculative, diplomatic and honest.

I am 26 year old and no, I have never done a full-time job. I did my Masters’ in English in 2010 and have chosen the path of a writer, online or offline doesn’t matter. I love to read Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Charlotte Bronte and zillions of other authors. I love Hugh Jackman, Sean Connery and a glutton for romantic novels.

I am a planner. I know where every penny of mine goes. I invest a lot & multiply money. I look after my family financially, completely and I am immensely proud of it.
Enough said…*sigh*

What is your blogging niche? And how successful have you been in this area?

My idea is to make the blog a resource for bloggers and small business owners, so these are my two niches. Of course, things like social media, marketing, security, SEO are sub-topics associated with this niche.

It is too early to determine success.

How long have you been blogging? What are your major achievements online?

While SocialVani is just roughly 18 months old, I have been ghost blogging for the last 4.5 years.
Ummm…I would say that the blogosphere is recognizing my name and that is one of the achievements. Secondly, I always thought blogging won’t give any financial benefit but I have been proven wrong so that’s another achievement, the financial independence.

Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

I would call myself a part-time blogger. Blogging happened by chance. In fact, there is an interesting story behind it.
I was blogging for other bloggers but didn’t have my own blog. A friend of my mother came to know of my intention to start a blog and generously offered to pay for domain and hosting. He is the first stepping stone and I never had to look back.

Apart from blogging, what else does Chitraparna Sinha do for a living?

I am primarily a content developer, working with start-ups, small business owners and bloggers to develop strategically relevant content. I also invest and earn in share market. These and blogging are my three income sources.

What are your major challenges online?

There are 3 actually:
1. to write without distraction.
2. to make more money without killing myself.
3. to draw consistent traffic on SocialVani.

Has Chitraparna Sinha ever felt like quitting blogging? Why?

Yes, once or twice I felt like quitting because I wasn’t earning what I had expected. This happened about 10-11 months back but now I can’t think about leaving my blog.
Patience and strategizing is the mantra!

You are one of the successful female bloggers. Did you ever feel threatened by your male counterparts?

Oh boy! I am not Ana Hoffman or Sugar Rae so there’s a long way to traverse still but I am honored that you consider me successful, Joseph.
To answer you question and to be completely honest, YES, I did feel threatened. Somehow I think male bloggers are taken more seriously than female bloggers. Also, there is a perception that women are more interested in fashion and beauty while men are all about technology, which is completely wrong.

In fact, a few weeks back I received a very nasty comment from a male blogger. He specifically asked me to leave blogging because it is for men only and advised me to do what women are good at, that is, please a man.

I didn’t know I will be interviewed that time or I would have saved the comment but you have to take my word for it. I was very irritated and angry.
I don’t feel threatened anymore but in my mind, the issue reverberates.

Do you accept sponsored posts on SocialVani? What is the average income you make from them monthly?

Yes, I do accept sponsored posts from advertisers if the product or service is use-worthy. I make about $800 on an average per month.

Are the reviews you make on your site paid or just voluntary?

Some are paid and some are not. But yes, I tell all paid review seekers that I won’t fudge facts to suit your business ROI. I will write what I see or experience. If you don’t like it, its your choice.

What is your estimated online revenue per annum?

A very liberal estimate would be about 30,000 USD per annum. While it may not be much in USD, it is a lot in Indian currency.

How is online business in your country and how are you able to fit into the competition?

I haven’t felt the heat of competition from the part of blogging but yes, there is competition in the online content development industry.
I have been a professional writer for the last 5 years so a lot of experience, skill, knowledge and negotiation help me to stay ahead of the competition.
On a general level, the concept of online business is still “new” for India. Parents frown if their son or daughter wants to make money online. eCommerce is growing speedily. Freelance writers and programmers are in much abundance.

What sets Chitraparna Sinha apart from other bloggers?

I feel it is the distinct writing style which sets me apart from other bloggers. I make it more impersonal, conversational, sarcastic and hard-hitting wherever relevant.

What is your message to other bloggers?

Before starting a blog, think about your intention – why do you want to blog? Is it because your friend or colleague is earning a lot from blogging? Or do you really have it in you to make it? Copying others won’t help.

Find your inner motivation. Listen to everyone but decide on your own. Own up to your mistakes and do not try to be the next Darren or John Chow. What’s the point in being second best? Is hearing “Joseph is the next John Chow” better or “Joseph is a millionaire blogger who has carved out his own niche in the world of blogging”?
If you choose second, go blogging!

Thank you Chitraparna Sinha for honoring our invitation. God bless you.

The pleasure is all mine Joseph. I am very happy to be interviewed by you. God bless you too.

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