What is The Best SEO Plugin For WordPress Blog?

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best SEO plugin for wordpress blog
The best SEO plugin for WordPress
blog, no doubt, is the WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is the best for newbies and professionals alike. This plugin is packed with all the features that should make your blog fully optimized for the search engines.

The dream of every blogger is to see that his blog is highly optimized for both search engines and humans. It is the desire of all blog owners to see their blogs are highly optimized for certain keywords and then get a lot of respect as far as those keywords are concerned as well as benefit in turn by getting human traffic to their blogs. This is where you need the best SEO plugin for WordPress blog.

What Makes Yoast The best SEO Plugin for wordpress blog?

Yoast is the best SEO plugin for wordpress blog because of the features it has to enable you make the best of your blog post. After using the plugin to publish your post it would be clear that if you have applied everything as expected, at least the search engines would easily find your post because of the map it is able to draft for the search engine spiders to navigate your texts as well as the images.

best SEO plugin for wordpress blog
The following features make the plugin the best SEO plugin for WordPress:

1. Keyword:

the plugin tells you if the keyword you want to rank for appears in the first paragraph of your post. This would enable you decide either to leave it the way your first paragraph has been drafted, or to consider adding the keyword in the first paragraph if it has been missing.

2. Copy scores:

It also tells you what the Flesch Reading Ease test score is like. The ease test is a way of grading your post on a scale of 0-100 with 100 being best because it can easily be understood by even an 11 year old. The higher the score, the easier the post is to read. Meaning that people would generally be able to easily read a post with the Flesch Reading Ease test score of 90 than that of 45. This simply tells you to improve the tenses, paragraphing, length of sentences, verbs, adjectives, grammar, etc. to make it easier for humans to read your post.

3. Keyword Phrase:

Does your keyword phrase appear in the URL of your post? If not, you must consider including it before publishing the post. This helps the search engines in locating your post easily and improves its rank.

4. Image alt tags:

Did you remember to add image alt tags to your images? If your post images have no alt tags, it is difficult for you to rank with those images. But whereby they contain alt tags, the search engines rank the images in addition to your post texts thereby increasing its overall performance.

5. Outbound links:

Another reason it is the best SEO plugin for wordpress blog is because it is able to inform you of the number of outbound links in your post. Besides, it tells the blog owner if the outbound links contain “Do follow” tags or “No follow” tags, so that you can make corrections based on the link types you desire for the anchor texts.

6. Subheadings:

The plugin alerts you when your post subheadings do not contain your keyword phrases, or informs you when the keyword phrases are there. Including your keyword phrases in subheadings helps to draw the attention of search engine robots to those keyword phrases.<br.

7. Keyword Density:

What is the density of the keywords you have used. This has to do with the percentage of those keywords to the number of words included in the post. Generally, a keyword density of about 2.1 should be alright.

8. Page Title:

Does your page title contain your keyword/phrase at the beginning? If not, why not try and include it to increase its SEO performance? If they are already there, you can leave them without altering them.

9. Meta description:

This plugin did not get my score for the best SEO plugin for WordPress blog for nothing. One other thing it helps you do while writing your post is to advise you to include your primary keyword in your Meta description. It also answers the question as to how the keyword compares to the competition.

10. Number of words:

It also tells you the number of words contained in the post. It observes that at least 300 words are acceptable. Whereby your post has 300 and above words, it scores you higher in that area.

11. Page Title characters:

The best acceptable page title characters should be between 40 and 70. Anything below 40 or above 70 is generally frowned at for SEO purposes. So Yoast SEO plugin lets you know this while writing your post so you can make all necessary adjustments in your page title characters.

Besides the aforementioned, the Yoast SEO plugin also has other features which include but are not limited to the following:

12. Robots Meta Configuration:

This allows you to decide what sections of your blog or posts should be hidden from search engines robots so they should not be indexed.

13. XML Sitemap:

The plugin generates a sitemap for your blog and gives you control over what you would love to include in the sitemap as well. This gives you an edge over using other sitemap generating plugins that hardly allow you control over your sitemap.

14. Permalinks:

It makes your site’s permalinks better and cleaner. It simply gives you a better permalinks without those unnecessary attachments that are characteristics of some permalinks structures.


Wordpress SEO by Yoast remains the best SEO plugin for wordpress blogs and is a must for all bloggers under the WordPress platform to optimize their blogs for human and search engines. You can download the Yoast SEO Plugin for your blog and start to enjoy its features today.

What other features do you know of the Yoast SEO plugin that you would love to talk about? Kindly tell us in the comment section of this post. Other people would love to hear your contributions.

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