Tips For Using Facebook to Find Somebody’s Email Address

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Are you thinking of ways of using facebook to find somebody’s email address? Is there a friend you lost contact with for several years and there’s just no way to re-establish that contact? Thanks to the power of the social media in general and facebook in particular.

A lot of old school mates, friends, professional colleagues, business partners, etc have lost contacts for the simple fact that one person changed his/her location and was never again able to get in touch with the rest of his friends. The coming on stream of the social media has now made it easier for those who have been separated for years to be able to locate their friends. Using facebook to find somebody’s email address is now a very easy task to accomplish.

Since almost one-sixth of the world’s population now uses facebook to interact, socialize and transact business, it is quite easy to get in touch with anyone irrespective of city or country of residence. Every country of the world is now hooked up and all towns and cities are equally connected.

You may also be looking for a way to get the email address of somebody you want to contact for job inquiries, advert placement (media houses), invitation for social events, etc; but you do not have any other way of getting the person’s email, you can now reach such person using facebook to find his email address.

Using Facebook to find somebody’s email address

Using facebook to find somebody’s email address is made simple by following the under-listed steps:
1.Login to your personal facebook account.
2.Go to the search field located on the top panel of your page’s dashboard, and type in the person’s name. The name would be highlighted if the person is already your friend. If not, click on the name as it is searched out, and go to his/her profile page.
3.While on his profile page, click on “About” link located below his picture/photo, and his public information are all highlighted for your view.
4.Go to “Contact Information” part of the drop down menu and check all information available for public consumption. You will see his personal email address if listed, otherwise you have to look for it elsewhere. If the email address is not disclosed, you cannot get it on facebook. If he has placed a restriction on the people who should view his contact, then you need to first send him a friend request so he could add you to his friends’ list. You will then be able to view his contact information only after you have been added to his friends’ list.

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