Paid Posts May Drag You Down and Lower Your Pagerank

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We are aware of Google’s page ranking system and links influencing page ranks but the recent action taken by Google has made every one think a zillion times before selling or buying links which influence page search ranks. Paid posts can make you lose your credibility in Google’s sight if it is not well done.

Google recently chastised over 80 sites in UK for promoting and selling links to one particular company ‘Interflora’. Within short span of time Interflora registered a loss of 95% traffic on its site. From a regular visit of 22,000 the traffic count dropped to 1,200. As mentioned before not only Interflora but those 80 sites which promoted paid posts with links to Interflora also got grounded. Now this was barbaric on Google’s part.

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How Google slammed Interflora?

• Interflora lost more than 95% of its traffic
• Each of those 80 sites lost their entire PR (many of them were maintaining a PR5+)
• Loss of about 50% traffic was seen in most of the sites while many sites registered a loss of 90%

Many major sites of great geographical significance and possessing high Google reputation were also grounded. The three National newspapers viz Daily mirror, Scotsman and Independent are amongst the best newspapers in UK that encountered a severe blow. went to PR3 from previous PR6, Scotsman reached PR3 from PR7 and Independent went to PR4 from PR8.

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It is not that one should not promote paid posts or paid links, but accept them carefully. I have listed few points one should remember while promoting paid posts.

i. Avoid paid links from the top half of the page

ii. Quick history check

Before you start promoting links for the sponsored site, perform a quick history check. Make sure they are not exploiting bloggers like you for their money oriented keywords else you might face consequences like those mentioned above

iii. Say no to linking to money keywords

Linking to brand name, exact domain or pages with long tail anchor text is completely justified but linking a money keyword should be a big no. If you want to target a furniture company, you can link ‘Embassy Furniture, India’ which is the company name instead of ‘cheap furniture on sale, India’.

iv. Maintain your outbound link profile naturally

Always link to only high end informative sites for claiming your content references. They work as automatic verification and add most to your sites reputation.

v. Evade sales page linking

Linking a sales page may harm your page rank rather you can link a page that provides information about the product or service. You can follow a pyramid link structure to systematically manage page ranks.

vi. Nofollow every sponsored link

Regularly no-follow links of your associates. This will neither affect your sales nor your trust. Put ‘rel=nofollow’ to the anchor tag to no follow sponsored links.

Do let me know about the information provided above. I will be posting more facts and information and wait for your response. Till then keep linking safely. Do visit our blog for more SEO Tips or follow @NewDelhiSEO on twitter.

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Swaraj Pattanaik, works as SEO Analyst at NewDelhiSEO – a popular internet marketing firm based in New Delhi, India. When he is not analyzing websites or compiling reports he enjoys hard rock and fresh brewed tea.

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