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Search Engine Optimization

The truth about search engine optimization or SEO is that it is essential for any website that is aiming to rank high in the search engine results. Many spammers on the internet are selling products that promise to deliver amazing results in terms of rankings, traffic, and conversions; they do this by telling people that SEO is not required and that in fact it is complicated, technical, boring, and hard knowledge to have; these self-called gurus offer people a junky product that in the end is nothing more than a failure.

On the other hand, the reality is that SEO in fact is a very handy and easy set of tools to use, there are many ways to learn how to apply it to a website, and in this article I want to accomplish two things with you; the first is to prevent you from using one of those scams online, and the second one, to introduce you a free plugin that can make Search engine optimization a wonderful task to do on your Word press site.

There is no doubt that Search engine optimization requires work and effort, there are tons of very good webmasters that use this tool every day, they have mastered the art of writing articles that are friendly with both visitors and search engines; but the reality is that there are so many others that enjoy playing with the emotions and feelings of people; taking advantage of their desire for increasing traffic, improving conversions, and ultimately being successful online; these scammers offer a single button auto pilot solution that increases conversions in just a few hours, and even when increasing all the metrics of a website can be achieved in a short period of time, it requires hard work and dedication, so don’t fall into those traps where someone sells you rankings, backlinks, comments, likes, followers, or any other form of trick to fool search engines, because in the end you will be the fooled one.

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The best things in life are free, and fortunately the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin it’s not outside of this rule, this easy to use and powerful add-on is a marvelous tool for any site; it simplifies the SEO task by telling you the exact things that are missing in the article so it can be SEO friendly. It uses a visual management system that I love, and just by looking at the red, yellow, or green button you can tell if the document is ready or not; in case it is not ready, it will tell what is missing in the document so it can be a success, this of course is measured and displayed according with a focus keyword of your choice.

Make Search Engines your friends with the SEO by Yoast Plugin

Here you have more details about the main features of this amazing plugin. If used correctly, all the big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will open their doors and let you play with them.

  • Easy to Use: SEO by Yoast is a very user friendly plugin, the installation is pretty straight forward and once it is activated a visual panel is displayed in the edit section of the post, this is especially important because it helps to make quick fixes and measure how optimized the article is for search engines.
  • Snippets preview: This is a huge advantage of using this plugin, one of the most important factors is how the snippet appears in the search results, and it can be the difference between lots of visitors and an abandoned site. SEO by Yoast allows you to see a preview of how the snippet looks like, thus you can make changes to the displayed text which also has to be search engine optimized.
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    Easy to Setup: As mentioned earlier, this plugin is very easy to use, and the setup is a no-brainier as well, it even offers a tour for the users that may not be very familiar with WordPress plugins, and in case that you are someone who wants specific instructions (like me), there are a lot of video tutorials online that will help you to setup SEO by Yoast in less than what you think.

  • Visual Management: This plugin is the best not only because it works, but also because it is very intuitive to use. It will display both a general and a detailed analysis of the article that is being written; each screen is full with visual instructions to point out what is missing in the document, this way, any non-SEO expert can be a true guru about search engine optimization.
  • Detailed Instructions: The most important factor to optimize a post is following the Search Engine optimization rules, this plugin scans the document and rapidly displays instructions for you to take action and improve the article. The detailed instructions are easy to follow and implement, and with the help of SEO by Yoast the document is not only well written and high quality, but also it is designed to please the search engines, and ultimately being displayed on the search results pages.

A little of my Experience

I’ve been using this plugin for over a year now, and so far I am very pleased with the results, the help has been great and to be honest with you, I was one of those guys who used to think about SEO as something complicated and hard to do, but with the assistance of the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin everything has been a breeze; now I just have to worry about improving my site and please the visitors that I have right now; because I learned that my site and the search engines are good friends now thanks to SEO by Yoast.

What is your experience so far with SEO? Are you using the SEO by Yoast plugin? Tell us more about you and leave a comment.

To your success!!!


About the Author:

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is a Successful Online Entrepreneur that rapidly understood that the single button auto pilot solutions doesn’t work, aimed for the desire and passion to succeed he started to study the search engines and quickly found the SEO by Yoast plugin, since then Jose has been using this tool on his RC flying toys website, SEO has helped Jose to be able to show to more people his articles like an AR Parrot Drone review or the RC Flying Fortress post that he wrote some months ago. Now all the articles that he writes are using this free plugin and they do pretty well.

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