Interview With Patrick Ogidi, The Social Media Czar

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1. Hello Mr. Patrick Ogidi! Can we meet you please?

Thank you Mr. Joe for the honor. I’m Patrick Ogidi. You can call me the Social Media Czar if you like 

2. Who exactly is Patrick Ogidi?

By the grace of God, I’m that controversial Netpreneur, Social Media Consultant and a work-at-home advocate. Summarily, I do legitimate businesses on the internet. I also teach whoever that wants to learn from my wealth of experience my secrets and techniques of becoming their own bosses, usually through my various speaking engagements, publications and on my blog at

3. How long has Patrick Ogidi been doing business on the internet?

Well, I’ve been on the internet since 2003. However, my first 3 years online can be said to be more of experimental and trial and error era. I got serious from the 4th year.

4. How has it been like being a Netpreneur all these while?

Great and challenging I must say! Just like in every other areas of life, there are bound to be ups and downs. What matters is the ability to always strike a balance between two conditions.

We happen to see ourselves in a part of the world where things are not all that perfect technologically. We are treated like second class citizens of the world. However, the good news is that, we’re almost used to limitations to opportunities enjoyed by other people.

Despite all these roadblocks, which I’d say, make us stronger, we’ve been trying to push and make our mark where necessary.

5. What was your original profession before you became an information products marketer online?


Original profession ke. I graduated from the university in 2008.
And before then, I’ve always had this strong resolution never to go after the 9 to 5 rat race. So after my university studies, I looked around for a business that would give me such opportunity, and alas Internet Marketing & Consulting came in handy to help me actualize that goal.

So, you can say that the business I’m currently into now has been my original profession 

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6. You contributed to making me a successful blogger that I am today. Do you have an estimate of the number of persons you have raised?


WOW… I’m blushing!

Talking about the estimate of the number of persons I’ve raised, seriously I do not have an accurate data on that, as there are lots of people I’ve affected positively in one way or the other without my knowledge.

Yes, I get calls and emails from people sharing their success stories with me, and I’ll be like… “Wow what’s really happening?”

However, if you insist I must give you an estimate, I think I can put the number at over 3000 or thereabout.

7. What makes you different from other Nigerians doing business online?

In phrase, I am Patrick Ogidi. The truth is; there can never be another Patrick Ogidi, no matter how hard anyone tries.

More so, I do my things my own way, and make sure I never knowingly step on another man’s toes. In any case I do, I’m quick to apologize.

8. What are those specific problems you have been able to solve for Nigerians online?

Facebook consultancy services – helping businesses get social media presence, and growing their followership and customer base using the great viral features in Facebook and Twitter.

Another is in the area of online payments. Not until recently, most payment processors started opening their doors for Nigerians and accepting out cards, the most common payment means online was PayPal. I’ve tried to help a good number of Nigerians surmount the PayPal roadblocks to a large extent.

Oh, I forgot I’ve also helped a lot of Nigerians become their own bosses, by teaching them various online business models they can run from home and forget about the 9 to 5 rat race.

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9. Has Patrick Ogidi at any time thought of ditching online business for a secular job?

No never… God forbids!

10. How have you survived the fierce competition online?

Competition brings out the best in me. As a matter of fact, I naturally don’t like engaging in anything that doesn’t have competitors.

Talking about how I survive “fierce” competition online, I will summarize it as follows…

“I monitor trends. I checkout the top 5 people doing it better. I dig for what they don’t do. I do it. I shoot to the top”

11. What is your plan for the next 5 years?

Grow from strength to strength. Get closer to God. Affect more lives positively. Help more people become their own bosses. And close more BIG business deals with the government and multinationals.

12. Your advice for upcoming information products marketers?

I’d prefer you say; Internet Marketers and not information product marketers.

And to aspiring and upcoming internet marketers, here’s my advice;

“The first thing they should do is to get ‘The Right Mind Frame’.

By that, I mean they shouldn’t see internet marketing as the last resort or an avenue to make some overnight quick bucks. No!

They ought to approach it like a business, which it is.

The next thing they should do, if they must make headway is to find a mentor. Not just any mentor, but someone who knows his/her onions, and not some fly by night marketers who don’t practice what they teach.

If you dabble into internet marketing without a mentor, you’ll end up been discouraged half way, and if you’re not lucky, you may get ripped off by wolves in the industry.

Another thing is to lay your hands on useful and valuable information as much as you can. Information is power, so you must try to get as much information as you can; especially on the recommendations of your mentor.

Then, stick to a business model. Drive it closer to perfection/mastery before you look into another. Don’t make the mistake of trying out lots of things at a time.

Summarily, aspiring internet marketers should bear in mind that it’s never a way to make quick and free money. Contrary to what people (especially newbies) think, money is never doled out freely anywhere online.

You must work for it! If you choose a business model, play by the rules, be patient and do your best! If you have the right mentor and the right biz model, I see no reason you wouldn’t succeed.

13. Thanks for granting us audience. Remain blessed.

My pleasure Mr. Joe!

Now Readers, you’ve heard Patrick Ogidi, the Social media Czar himself speak. What is your reaction? What were you able to make out of this interview? If you found it informative and helpful, please share it with your friends and readers of your blogs too. Remember to follow us on Facebook and also on Twitter.

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