How To Improve Google PageRank of Your Blog

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Knowing how to improve Google pagerank of your blog is one important thing every blogger must learn to do. This is because Google pagerank is one of the important tools used in determining the relevance of your blog, and how much it is worth in terms of market value.

Take for instance, most of the guest post sites don’t want to include your blog in their platform if it has a pagerank less than 2. They believe other blogs/bloggers have nothing significant to gain from your blog except it has a PR of at least 2. Therefore every blog owner wants to know how to improve Google pagerank of their blogs in order to be able to enjoy some of these accruable benefits.

When it comes to marketing and advert placement, people are weary to place their ads on a website without a good pagerank. Buyers want to know what your site/blog is worth before entering into any form of business discussion with you. Pagerank may not be the single most important thing to consider while assessing a website or blog; but it is one of the criteria for scoring a site high and then attaching a better value to it.


How to improve Google pagerank?

In our last post, we talked about Google Pagerank Update: How does Google determine Your Pagerank?. So I advise you to read it if you haven’t done so yet. To improve Google pagerank of your blog, you need to do some of the necessary things I am going to list below. Though they are not the only things you must do to make your blog rank better; at least they are some of those basic things that must be done to increase your chances of getting a higher rank in the shortest possible time.:

1. Concentrate on content:

You have often heard it said, time and again, that ‘content is king’ when it comes to blogging. So you need to have this as part of your slogan and keep posting quality content all the time. If you adhere to this, you will see your Google pagerank improve in no distant time.

2. Think in the opposite direction:

I can feel what is going on in your mind right now. I am not counter-productive; I am not trying to mislead you, I am only trying to tell you what would help your blog rank. The general instinct of every blogger is to concentrate on building pagerank. You must learn to think in the opposite way. Why others are thinking of ranking, traffic and monetization, you should be thinking of satisfying your blog readers and visitors.

3. Establish authority:

Make sure your content are of high quality and that they are your original ideas. Concentrate on providing regular updates for your readers. Change outdated information to synchronize them with recent ones. Link your blog profile to your Google+ profile so that search engines would be aware the blog rightly belongs to you.

4. Optimize:

Make use of high quality pictures for your blog posts and make sure to add alt tags to them. Also use quality videos to support your posts. These both have a way of making your post value increase as you would be ranked for texts, images and videos. Buy your pictures from quality sites; and when you don’t have the money to purchase pictures, use the Creative Commons License photos to improve the visual quality of your posts.

5. Woo better sites:

Avoid the temptation of getting backlinks from all sites at all cost. If you must build backlinks, make sure they are from reputable sites that are not involved in Blackhat practices. Manually add few authority backlinks and then allow others to link to you in due time. Never be in a haste to massively increase your backlinks; this could land you in Google’s trouble.

6. Minimize Link Dilution:

The more you give out your links the more diluted they become, because for each link you give out, you give out link juice and with time the link juice dries up and becomes exhausted. So make sure you add a “No follow” tag to links from your site to big sites like facebook, twitter, Google, Yahoo, stumbleupon, etc. If you must make reference in your post, the link to the referenced site must carry a “No follow” tag. Only give a “Do follow” link to people you want to favour, including your blog commenters.

7. Publicize your blog:

make sure to create awareness about the existence of your blog. Tell your friends about your blog; post on quality forums using your blog URL as your signature. Write e-books with your site URL links inside and distribute them for free to both friends, your blog visitors and to e-book directories to let more people know about you. When you start getting more traffic, coupled with the other factors, your blog pagerank is bound to improve.


It is not enough to know how to improve Google pagerank of your blog; you must take action. Focus on providing quality, authority content for your readers, as well as ensuring your backlinks come from respected websites and blogs and your blog would rank higher with time.

Do you have other ideas and suggestions on how to improve Google pagrank for your blog? Share those ideas with us by making use of the comment box below. Share this post with your friends. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter. Thanks and God bless you for finding time to read my posts. If you have not subscribed by mail, enter your email address into the subscription box below right now so you can get our regular updates delivered to your mailbox.

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