Google PageRank Update: How Does Google Determine Your PageRank?

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Google PageRank update took place on the 4th of February being the first for the year 2013. Of course, by now you are already aware that Google PageRank takes place every quarter i.e. every 3 months, throughout the year. So, having had the one for the first quarter in February, we should be expecting the next one by May.

Did you check pagrank of your site yesterday? Or have you checked it today to see the recent ranking? Well, I checked all my sites yesterday 4th February to see their latest placement. Fortunately, at least two of my sites Sportsgalaxy and Business Success Guide moved up one point from PR2 to PR3. All other of my sites remained same, no promotion and no demotion.

How does Google determine Google PageRank?

There have always been controversies as to how your pagerank is determined. While some believe it is based on the number of backlinks your site has, others think it is based on the amount of traffic you receive. Permit me to say that none of these two arguments is completely right. Google pagerank is a combination of factors, and not just one single criterion. Google uses certain algorithms to do its ranking.


What does not determine Google PageRank?

Before we go into discussing what determines Google PageRank, we need to look at some of those factors that do not really add to your blog ranking. The following factors don’t improve your pagerank in directly:

1. Backlinks:

I know you would have shouted ‘what does this man mean’ in your mind by now. Yes, you may be right; but you need to hear what I’ve got to say concerning backlinks. Getting backlinks from just any source will never really help you get a better rank. Now I have 3 sites which I would use as case study. They are all my sites, so I have taken time to study them very well. Bizsuccessguide has 67 sites linking to it as at the time I am writing this post. It also has 4 reviews on Alexa. I expected it to move up from PR2 when the update of November 2012 was done; but nothing changed. Then I thought because it was relatively young, and that perhaps the sites had not really reflected on search engines. And then that of Feb. 2013, it was lucky to move up to PR3.

The second site Sportsgalaxy has only 10 sites linking to it and moved up from PR2 to PR3 in the February 2013 update. It really surprised me that even though I did not do so much as per updating it recently, it still got promoted, compared to bizsuccessguide that gets updated at least thrice every week.

The third one is the Kingdom Voice which has just 7 sites linking to it and yet was the first of all my sites to get a PR3 in the November 2012 update. I am sure by now you are beginning to think that ‘this guy sure knows what he is saying’. So, it is not just backlinks that determine your Google pagerank; there are other factors.

2. Blogging Platform:

The platform on which you are blogging does not also affect your rank that much. A lot of people believe WordPress is better than Blogger and so everybody is migrating to WordPress to enjoy this privilege. Well, I also wish to say here that my 2 best performing sites are on Blogger platform; one with a dot com and the other with a blogspot dot com. The oldest of my sites is on WordPress, yet it moved down from PR2 to PR1 sometime ago. Shocking! Isn’t it?

3. Traffic:

Traffic is good for the popularity and monetization of your site, but it doesn’t influence Google Pagerank. My best performing site in terms of traffic and Alexa ranking is now at PR3 while the other two that are ranked PR3 are not doing half as much as it is doing. That shows also that traffic is just a miniature portion of the algorithm used.

4. Age:

If you think that the older the website/blog the better its chances of ranking, then you are making a mistake. When my bizsuccessguide got PR2, it was barely 3 months old. There are a number of older sites out there that are struggling to get ranked, yet several young sites are getting promoted by the day.


What influences Google PageRank then?

I will just try and be brief here because I understand your time is precious. Having noted those factors that do not directly increase your rank, the following factors are necessary for your Google Pagerank to increase:

Content quality:

The quantity of your content will never improve your ranking, but the quality will. When you keep updating your site regularly with high quality content, it would get the attention of both search engines robots and humans. If you can keep adding content daily for the first few months of launching the site and then 2 to 3 times thereafter, it would go a long way to improve its Google pagerank.


Like we noted earlier, getting links from just anywhere (including link farms) will not help you much; but getting backlinks from quality authority sites will. Getting backlinks from sites with higher ranking would ensure your site is visited as the search engine robots crawl those sites several times daily. You can also improve your rank by getting links from other sites that are in the same rank with you, or from those with lower ranks so long as they have good quality content. This makes your links look natural in the sight of the search engines.


Google also takes note of the authority of your blog content. What kinds of information do you have on your blog or website? Are they your own ideas or are they copied from other websites/blogs? The content can be informative and highly qualitative, yet they are copied from other sources. If that is the case, Google would not rank you high as the content’s authority source. If the ideas are yours they would influence your Google Page rank positively.


When you think of having a better Google pagerank, you should remember that several factors add up to give you a better rank. Apply those factors and see your pagerank skyrocket.

In my next post, I shall be talking about “How To Improve Google PageRank of Your Blog”. Meanwhile if you have any ideas or contributions regarding today’s topic, simply share it with us in the comment box. You can also ask your questions if you have any.

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