Build a Website with a Professional Look using the StudioPress WordPress Themes

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Build a website

I am a big fan of doing the things right the first time, and anyone who is thinking about building a site should consider doing a very nice job, this will increase the chances of having success with the website, and at the same time will little by little create a brand around the author. This is especially important because people like to trust experts, and these days every expert must have some kind of branding; so in order to attract and grow an audience it is indispensable to invest time, effort, and money to make this happen.

You may be thinking that it is too hard to have your own logo or a customized branding image, but I want to remove the walls about this and let you know how easy is to get it done, the only thing you need are the right tools, and my friends, here you will find the tool box required for the job.

The first item that is going to be required is a website, and the very best option that I have run across is WordPress, this magnificent CMS (Content Management System) has gained big battle field against other CMS platforms. The main reason is because WordPress is very versatile and user-friendly, learning how to manage components is very easy, it provides enough flexibility so you can customize it as much as you want, and the best thing is that using WordPress to build a professional, good looking site is less costly than what you think.

There are two types of WordPress sites that can be built, the self-hosted and the WordPress hosted; the difference resides in the control, a self-hosted site will provide you with more control over the website, whereas the WordPress hosted site will allow limited access to some important features. As I told you before, some time, effort, and money must be invested, but the outcome is great.

In order build a website that looks good, a great theme will be required; there are a lot of themes offered in the market right now, many good companies have great themes for you to choose from, in my personal experience, I use a StudioPress premium WordPress theme, it is also required to use the Genesis Framework, which is like the foundation to make these themes work, I found these themes great for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is that their developers really understand what is required to build a website that is successful. StudioPress premium themes are very flexible as well; they allow you to control a number of features that you can’t manage with the free themes available out there. This could sound a little expensive but it’s not, you can get both the Genesis Framework and a professional, good-looking theme for less than 100 USD.

Are you ready for the Action? – Add that professional touch to your site in no time

As I told you before WordPress is a very user-friendly platform to build a website, this means that you could setup the theme without the need of hiring a techy guy; and if you are interested in this option there are a bunch of free video tutorials that can be used. Of course that there is always a paid option and the best way to do this is to hire someone to do the job. You can find great talented people for the task at Elance, which is a place where a project can be posted about whatever, and receive bids and proposals from different persons, then you can check their background, areas of expertise, rating, and from there decide who is going to handle this task. You know the saying: Do what you do best, outsource the rest.

Here is however a simple tutorial to show you how easy is to setup your site.

Learn what is key to brand your website

People like to follow experts, professionals, trusted sources; and one of the ways to make this happen is by adding a visual and professional touch to your website. This can be very easily accomplished using tools like Photoshop and thus create a brand image that will truly be a signature. If you are not a skilled graphic designer, a team can always be found at Elance.

Here is what you will need to have in order to build a professional branding image.

  • Self-hosted WordPress site: As mentioned before, a self-hosted WordPress account will provide the control required to manage the site as needed, this is especially important because adapting the site to whatever is required is critical to stay in the game. A good example of this could be to tweak the site’s image to fit the Christmas time, that way people know that the site is active and up to date.
  • Make it or Brake it

    Theme: Since there are a lot of free WordPress themes available, most websites out there use them. In our case we want to build a website that is strong, customized, focused, professional, good-looking; so getting ahead and investing on a premium theme is the very best option; plus it will add versatility to the site making it shine.

  • Header: It is very important to have a header designed, this is an image that will be placed at the top of your site; a nice-looking header will make an impression, and it will deliver a lot of visual messages to your readers, and since it is a part of the site that each visitor will have to see, it is a pretty smart move to take advantage of it and tell something that they remember. Include colors, images, maybe your head shot so they know that a real person is behind the site. Just make it nice, don’t overlook it.
  • Avatar: In my opinion it is important to have also an avatar designed, this photo must be customized as well and include some of the images or features of your logo, that way it can be quickly related with your site and branding starts to happen.

Taking action into these tips will increase your chances of success with a website, it will look very attractive, professional, and trusty for people, and growing an audience will be a lot easier. These are the exact same steps that I followed with a site of my own, the overall investment was under 300 USD, the outcome was beautiful and so far I am very happy with the results.

What other tips can you share with us to enable us build a website? What is your opinion about WordPress or other CMS tool? Are you currently using a StudioPress theme? Let us know your experience and leave a comment.

To your Online Success!


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Jose Lozano is a passionate blogger and Successful Online Entrepreneur, not too long ago he created a website to share with others his devotion for RC flying toys; Jose was convinced that in order to deliver the most value possible, a little investment had to be made, so he applied the same tips that he shares here and created the RC Hobbies on Air website, where he enjoys posting tips for people who are looking the AR Drone for sale, or are searching for tips to buying the B17 RC airplane. So far the site looks great and improvements can be made very easy.

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