Must-Have Communications Apps for Businesses

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The importance of communication as it relates to business efficiency can’t be understated. This is especially true of those new entrepreneurs who have decided to make the leap and start a small business. Indeed, a lack of efficiency and implementation of proper communication systems can kill a smaller organization before it is able to get on its feet. The best thing business owners can do to avoid these pitfalls it to take advantage of modern technology in the realm of communications and integrate it into their organization.

For example, the mobile revolution is here, and there are more business-related apps than ever before. Many of these mobile applications are tailor made for those businesses looking to streamline their communications processes. In fact, these apps are a “must have” for any owner looking to gain an edge while simultaneously maximizing efficiency.


This is a useful instant message service, but most rely on the program for its free international call rates. No business should be without Skype, and no smartphone or tablet used for that business should be without the Skype app.


Another popular remote conferencing system, GoToMeeting is popular among companies big and small. The mobile app comes with a number of features, including screenshot broadcasting and private chat rooms.

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There are many Skype-inspired communications services out there, but GoogleChat is one of the few that actually adds to what Skype has already done. GoogleChat offers a number of features, including chat room syncing, multi-party video chat and even integration with other Google stalwarts such as Google+ and Drive.


Many businesses rely heavily on TeamBox, as it streamlines overall communication by combining project management with messaging and file sharing. The app provides for extra communications functionality and allows teams to mange complex projects right from a single interface.


Those who wish they had a stenographer during marathon brainstorming sessions need look no further than CampFire. This mobile app keeps records of conversations, no matter the length. Any business that focuses on group collaboration would do well to make this app a priority download.


It’s no secret that modern social media has become a dominant form of communication. Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that new businesses are trying to capitalize on the social craze. The problem is that whatever one business does in the world of social media, its competitors can see it. Yammer provides an interface similar to Twitter but it is only accessible to those team members the user selects. This allows businesses to use a social-media platform in order to communicate efficiently without any of the exposure risks.


If TeamBox is geared towards project managers and creative team members, CodeBase is for the coders. This mobile app offers features such as collaboration tools as well as a code database. It allows for multiple people to work on the same coding projects simultaneously.

These are just a few must-have communication apps on the market today. Indeed new apps appear on the landscape on a daily basis. However, the options listed above provide enough functionality and increased efficiency that they should stay in the top tier of mobile applications for some time.

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