Top SEO Strategies for Businesses in 2013

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SEO strategies for businesses
2012 has proven to be an exciting and revolutionary time for SEO best practice. With the unleashing by Google of Penguin and Panda many businesses found themselves unexpectedly consigned to the bottom of the ranking tables, due to the pair’s focus on more effectively managing spam and undesirable content effectively introducing penalties for sites which failed to consider the updates when managing their SEO strategies.


2013 is proving already to be an entirely new playing field, incorporating the changes made in 2012 into a new system of optimisation as social media and search engine optimisations continue to draw closer to each other.


What To Expect in 2013

  • Google+ Is More Important Than You Think

Due to Google’s proposed rollout of AuthorRank, authorship tags and personalised search results are set to become more prevalent. It’s up to each business to implement sufficient strategies to keep up with these changes, as playing catch-up will be hard.

  • Accept and Engage with Social Networking

Social media networking is here to stay, and it’s clearly evident that businesses who engage with their customers through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter tend to have better brand recognition and awareness than those who don’t.


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  •  Site Speed and Accessibility Are Vital

Kiss Metrics noted that a drop of 1% in site speed was equivalent to a 7% drop in consumer conversion rate. With the rise in mobile internet use, as well as mobile social networking, it’s important not to let your site be weighed down by flash rich content which won’t improve your search rankings.

  • Optimise Your Content for Mobile Quality

Mobile adaptation means that, more than ever before, marketing will have to take place within content. Therefore your content has to be of a sufficiently high quality to both entice consumers and fit in with Google’s increased intolerance towards keyword stuffing and unreadable language.

 Prioritise Good SEO Strategies

The basics of SEO haven’t changed for any of us. Businesses which prioritise good, readable content, a strong brand image and good customer interaction will always do more favourably than those who do not, and are less likely to be penalised by Google’s increasingly intelligent updates.

 Author Bio: Amanda Revie writes for The WebMarketing Group is an established SEO marketing company based in Harrogate, specialising in SMO, SEO, content writing and online PR.


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