What Do You Want Your Business To Be Famous For?

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There is a fantastic Chinese restaurant a mile from my house; great food, a relaxing atmosphere and refreshing beer.

Despite changes in staff, and an increase in price over the 2 years I have been visiting there, one thing that hasn’t changed is the consistently excellent service.
I know the manager quite well, to the point that I recently gave him some feedback on a new lunch menu, and he implemented the changes immediately, resulting in an overnight increase in lunch time trade.

  One thing I know he does not compromise on is great service, and he takes great pride in ensuring that all of his customers are treated with the utmost attention from the moment they arrive.
My partner and I, and many other regular customers know that every time we go, we will have the full attention of every member of staff in the restaurant, be greeted with a handshake, and be made to feel that we are the most important customer in the restaurant at that time.
For me, this consistency contributes significantly to the success of the restaurant, and is what I would consider the business to be famous for.
Why is consistency so important?
‘Every business needs consistency; consistency of quality, consistency of service. Whatever this looks like for your business, it’s important to ensure all your customers are talking about the same qualities every time they mention you and your brand.’
Customers don’t like to be surprised.
They want the coffee in their favourite coffee shop to taste the same every time they go.
They want a consistently high level of service every time they go to their favourite restaurant.
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Without this consistency, your business cannot build momentum. Momentum is what keeps customers coming back over and over again, and what turns your customers into advocates.
Keep them coming back for more
It’s not easy to deliver a consistently high service, or consistently fantastic product for every customer.
If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
It’s hard work. Focus, energy and passion are required in vast quantities, but you knew that when you decided to start your own business!
Consistency in the quality of your product or service is what will set you apart from your competitors, and in the world we live in today, where competition is ever increasing, you need to relentlessly do those things that will give you the edge.
Ask yourself…
Every time a customer talks about you and your business, what do you want them to be saying?
What do you want your competitors to be jealous of?
Is it that customers are always greeted with a smile every time you serve them a coffee?
Is it that you always get back to enquiries within 24 hours, without exception?
Is it that you send a hand signed ‘Thank You’ note with every order?
Ask yourself ‘What do I want my business to be famous for?
Then go and do it. Every day. With every customer.
About the Author: Since April 2010, David has been involved in the small business sector, supporting small businesses in and around London in his capacity working for an international FTSE100 company.

He is passionate about small business, and launched All About SMEin November 2012 to share advice, observations and opinions relevant to the international SME community.


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