Is Conviction Enough For Business Success?

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Blogging was something that I had wanted to do for some time before I actually got round to launching All About SME.
Having previously written guest articles for newsletters and other blogs, I knew that there was an audience for me to write for, and having my own blog seemed to be the natural next step.

I spend a lot of my time with small business owners and entrepreneurs so I had plenty of subject matter, was passionate about the topics, and even had a name ready for my blog, but something was holding me back.

I sought advice from many of my contacts, asking what their thoughts were on launching a small business blog, how they felt about the topics I planned to write about, and whether they thought it was sustainable.

Without exception, everyone I asked said ‘Go for it’.
I was already passionate about small business, had plenty to write about, and from feedback I had received from guest articles, knew there were plenty of readers interested in the subject matter.
 I should have had more conviction in my belief that it would work.

Is conviction alone enough?
Conviction is fundamental to the success of any business. Without it, your business will never reach its full potential.
Conviction demonstrates that you believe in your business, conviction is what sees your ideas become reality, and conviction gets things done.
You can’t expect customers, employees and investors to believe in your business if you don’t believe in it yourself.

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Conviction is not an excuse for blind pursuit of a foolish idea.
Running your own business has plenty of risks, and risks needed to be carefully considered before embarking on a new product or service offering.

Research, planning and seeking feedback are key to mitigating these risks as much as possible, and means that any new venture has sufficient preparation behind it.
Preparation allows you to determine if your plans are viable or not.

If you think you can, can you?

‘If you think you can, you can’ is not a quote I believe to be true.
I am a believer in ‘If you think you can, make sure you’ve done your research, and if you still think you can, you can’.

If a friend asked you to invest all of your time, and possibly all of your life savings into their business, you would spend a significant amount of time researching, and learning as much as possible about the business before making a decision.

I am yet to meet a business owner who has set up a business that they don’t believe in and are extremely passionate about. I have however met many business owners who have not planned properly when starting a business, or diversifying into a new market, and have then seen their business collapse in front of them.

When conviction is backed up by research, a solid plan of action, and risk mitigation considerations, your business will have all the ingredients needed to be a success.
About the Author: Since April 2010, David has been involved in the small business sector, supporting small businesses in and around London in his capacity working for an international FTSE100 company.

He is passionate about small business, and launched All About SME in November 2012 to share advice, observations and opinions relevant to the international SME community.

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