Innovative Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money in 2013

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The current economic climate has taken its toll on small businesses, especially those that were in their infancy at the beginning of the 2008 global recession. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), 170,000 small and independent ventures failed between 2008 and 2010, while thousands more struggled against restricted growth.

This is ironic given the stock that the federal government have placed in the concept of the small business, which has been heralded as a potential saviour of the future economy. This ethos is also shared by nations such as the UK, and yet independent business owners must be prepared to think creatively in order to save money and prosper in 2013.

3 Innovative Ways through Small Businesses Can Save Money
With this in mind, what practical steps can small business owners take to protect their interests? Consider the following: –
Reduce the Cost of Communication: Even if you only employ a small team of operatives, the cost of communication and commercial mobile phone contracts can be extortionate. Fortunately, the advent of SIM only contracts allows businesses to strike the ideal compromise between pay as you go and long term contractual arrangements. As rolling 4 weekly deals, they offer significant savings and allow you to switch providers and terminate contracts when you desire.
Create a Culture of Frugality within your Firm: Any staff that you do employ can be critical in saving money, as their daily actions have a direct impact on your profitability. This ethos applies to the smallest of details, whether you employees leave their computers switched on overnight or fail to display the necessary attention to detail when performing everyday tasks. This is often the result of knowledge gaps, so address these and seek to educate your staff in the benefits of frugality and its importance in providing jobs and employment opportunities.
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Change your Bonus Structure: If you offer basic cash bonuses to your small team of employees, then you are actually missing a vital opportunity to save money. The modern employee is more interested in their career progression and job security than they are in their base salary, so offering fixed financial reward is as pointless as it is costly. Instead, focus on rewarding your staff with responsibility and a comprehensive benefits package, while ensuring that any bonus is related solely to the performance of the business as a whole.
The Bottom Line: Why Saving Money May Prove the Difference between Success and Failure
In an age where so many small and independent businesses have fallen by the wayside, it is clear that fine margins separate commercial success from failure. It is crucial that you pay attention to these, and strive to make financial savings that can be sustained without compromising the service or product delivered by your business. By committing to long term savings and a frugal attitude to expenditure, you can maximize your profits and guarantee your business a bright prospective future.
Author Bio: This article was written by Lewis on behalf of the independent venture Carfinance247.

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