How to Optimize a Blog for Mobile Readers

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If you have a popular blog with a high volume of daily viewers, or even if you are just trying to build your current readership, it is a good idea to optimize your blog for mobile readers. These days, with the proliferation of smart phone technology and the concurrent drop in prices, the number of smart phone users is rapidly rising on a daily basis.

Consequently, a lot of web traffic is moving off of laptops and desktops and onto mobile devices. No longer users just check email, send a tweet or message, and share a photo or two on their mobile devices, instead they are using their mobile platforms for a large part of their time on the Internet.

The Mobile Challenge

This presents an interesting challenge – it expands a blogger’s potential audience as reading is no longer limited to the desk or home, it can take place anywhere with a 3G connection. However, many blogs and websites are not optimized for mobile readers, and when loaded can lose formatting and come across as amateurish. Thus, for any ambitious blogger, it is important to take some time and make an effort to optimize his or hers site for mobile device viewership.

Work with the Experts

The first thing you need to do to accomplish this is to examine all your different options. As a blogger, you are most likely already using a standard interface, not a custom built one. Check in with your web host and see what they are doing in terms of mobile optimization – have they developed a template or anything to help their users with the optimization.

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Give Your Mobile Site a Home

Another important thing to do is to set up a mobile sub domain. What this does is automatically redirects any mobile visitor to your site to the mobile optimized version. The URL for mobile sub domain will be the same as your standard URL, but will either start with an “m”, or have a backslash “mobile”, to indicate that this is the page for mobile use. Again, check with your web host what is the best way to set this up.

Design with Mobile in Mind

With these things out of the way, develop a template for your mobile optimized site. The most important things to do are align all your formatting to the center to avoid any issues with mobile devices of varying screen sizes, and to select a font style and size that is easy to read and navigate on a small touch screen.

The great thing about mobile optimization is that it can really help you to grow the number of your readership. Just remember these simple tips, and you will be on track to expand your audience. These simple tips may be applied to any kind of website.

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