Does the Business Need to Switch Accountants?

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This is a question that essentially should be asked by any business not 100% convinced that their own third-party accountancy services are satisfactory in every way. The trouble is, after several years with the same Edinburgh or Fife accounts specialist it becomes all-too easy to never give the idea a second thought, oblivious to the ways in which the business could benefit and prosper from a switch.

In truth, while the main purpose of the partnership may be to seek the very best Edinburgh VAT services, this doesn’t mean for one moment that this is where the worth and value of the accountancy firm should begin and end.

So, if wondering if there might be a better option on the market, consider the following:
• Has the accountant contributed to the long-term success of the business as a whole?
• Has ongoing company loyalty been rewarded in any way or simply ignored?
• What has the accountant recently discussed with the business in terms of future plans?
• Is the accountant readily available and willing to answer questions/queries?
• Have any discounts been offered over the course of the partnership?
• Does the accountant think outside the box, or are they limited to year end accounts Edinburgh or otherwise?
• Do they charge fees for minor additional services?
• How has the accountancy firm grown and branched out over time?
• Have they ever missed deadlines?
The list goes on, but basically illustrates the way in which it really could be of great value to consider current accountancy partnerships from time to time in order to see how they measure up – or otherwise.

Partnerships between businesses and third-party accountancy firm can and should be seen as exactly that – partnerships. This means a two-way collaboration where the success and future prosperity of the business is at heart to all-involved, leaving no room for robotic human-calculators. This is a business mantra reflected in the work ethic of any viable accountancy group, which involves ongoing commitment to the future of all client businesses from day one.

This is precisely why it is of paramount importance for smaller and newer business to understand that the earlier they find an accountant suited to their needs, the greater their chances of growing and developing over the months and years to come. There are simply no better authorities in the world today to offer advice and guidance on each and every key financial matter – from cost control to investments to available tax breaks and so on.

Today, the only accountancy firm seen to be of genuine value to the business is that which is able to offer a package above and beyond simple robotic number-crunching. They should be all-encompassing advisors and endless helpful assets with a passion for the future strength and prosperity of the business.

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Vivienne Neale is a copywriter for, editor and director of a writing retreat.

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