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Hello regular readers and visitors to Business Success Guide! This is to inform you that bizsuccessguide considering to migrate to WordPress platform from Blogger. We believe you deserve to be informed beforehand if we must take this action. You have been the reason for the success of this blog; without your readership/followership we would be nowhere.
You have contributed in no small measure to our success story; you have referred some of your friends and you have even subscribed to get our regular updates – you deserve to get the best from us actually.
We have operated this blog on Blogger since December 2011 and have made some experiments which in some ways have added to our experience as bloggers. But it is time we should migrate to WordPress to also see the other side of blogging using other platforms.
Why are we migrating to wordpress?
There are actually some reasons we are taking this step, some of which include:
  1. WordPress is Bloggers’ delight: Most bloggers have argued in favour of wordpress as the best place to be if you want to have a better SEO for your blog.
  2. Hosting: We have a hosting package on which is supposed to accommodate several of our websites. Since this package has been paid for, there’s no need wasting the package without hosting our blog on it. We have a coupon that enables you get the hosting package cheaper at Hostgator. If you would consider using hostgator which is considered the best in the world right now, here is the coupon code E76LEADSPOT
  3. We want to be in charge: You are aware that Blogger is a free platform and that you are not in charge. It is controlled by Google; and they could wake up one day to say you have offended them and as such your blog is closed. What would you do if that happened? They actually have the right to shut down your blog anytime they wish to.
  4. Our future: We are not only thinking of the present; we are also considering the future. For example, do you know that it is impossible to sell your blogger blog because it belongs to Google? If you consider selling your blog one day, how would you do it if it is under Blogger? No matter how optimized it is, you cannot have a good market value for it.
  5. Better plug-ins: With WordPress you have a better choice of plugins for your blog. Most of the difficult coding jobs are taken care of by the plugins.
How about our readers?
We are carrying our readers along in the scheme of things. When we move our blog, we shall also move our RSS feed, our readers’ comments, etc. so that they don’t lose out. So if you are a subscriber here, it would be nice for you to re-subscribe to our new wordpress blog should there be any problem with the former RSS feed.
You can also subscribe to our autoresponders to get special updates, promos, gifts, contest announcements, newsletters, etc. Sometimes it is difficult to reach blog readers when there are important urgent information to pass across to them if they are only subscribed to RSS feed. But with autoresponder subscription, that is easily taken care of.
Keep enjoying our blog posts; keep telling your friends about us, and also remember to keep informed of the latest happenings by subscribing for free updates. We love you. Remain blessed pals.

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