Explode Your ROI With the Magic of Direct Mail

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While direct mail as a marketing technique may seem somewhat outdated to some people, it can actually be very effective when done correctly. The main benefit is the personal nature of direct mail which many customers find appealing. Besides this, it may be the only way to reach customers that don’t use the Internet on a consistent basis. Let’s now go over some ways to maximize your conversion rate and explode your return on investment.
One of the most important aspects of a direct mail campaign is ensuring that you only send promotions to highly qualified leads. Otherwise, you can wind up spending a lot of time and money and get only minimal results. To accomplish this, you may want to focus on people who have previously bought from you or people who fit your specific demographic. 

 Another trick is to use a bold headline that will naturally grab peoples’ attention. Like any other type of promotion, it’s important to quickly get a potential customer interested enough so that they will want to learn more. Try to say something catchy in a few short words that will briefly explain the benefits of your promotion. Doing so should take you one step further to ultimately making a conversion. 

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It’s also necessary to provide people with a truly enticing offer that they will want to take advantage of. For instance, offering 25 percent off of a product is likely to get more conversions that only offering 10 percent off. Since consumers are often barraged with a plethora of deals from all types of companies, it’s important that yours stands out and offers some real value that your competitors lack. Without a good deal, it’s doubtful that many people will want to act on your promotion. 
Along with this, it’s smart to have a specific deadline when your offer will end. This should encourage people to either take action immediately or within a relatively short period of time. Having no deadline can have the opposite effect and your direct mail simply ends up underneath a stack of papers that gets forgotten. Just try to be reasonable with a deadline so that it gives people enough time to act. 
In addition, it’s imperative that you include a call to action with your direct mail. Many times people simply need some coercing to complete the action that you want. Accordingly, you might say something like “buy now for a serious discount.” This should guide people in the right direction and can increase your conversion rate considerably. 
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Jennie is a dental marketing executive and author.  She recommends 123 Postcards for dental direct mail campaigns and for generating a wealth of dental marketing ideas.

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