6 Interview Dress Tips for Men

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Whether it is for a position in finance or journalism, it is important for you to dress sharp for an interview. Obeying the interview dress tips and dressing well will not just help you feel more confident; it will also show the interviewer that you are polished and take the interview seriously. If you, however, go to the interview dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans, your potential employer could assume that getting the position is not that important to you. If you have a job interview to go to soon, here are six important interview dress tips that you should consider.

Dress Appropriately for the Industry
It is important to dress appropriately for the type of industry you are interviewing for. For example, if you are interviewing for a customer service position at a department store, wearing a pair of khaki trousers and a button-down oxford shirt would be an appropriate outfit. If you are applying for an entry level management position at a restaurant, you can wear a pinpoint shirt, tie and a pair of black or gray trousers. If you are trying to obtain a top executive position, you will need to dress very conservatively and pay attention to detail. That means you should opt for a dark suit, white shirt, non-whimsical tie with a pair of matching shoes.

Pay Attention To Your Shoes and Socks
This is one of the interview dress tips you must not forget. Although you might not think that your interviewer will be looking down at your feet during your interview, he will pay attention to everything. He will observe if your shoes are shined and if your laces are tied neatly. Your interviewer may also notice if your socks match or not. Therefore, be sure to wear a clean pair of black dress shoes with a black pair of socks to make the best impression.

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Do not Wear a Silly Tie
A job interview is not the place to wear a tie with your favorite cartoon character on it. Wearing this kind of tie to an interview does not show professionalism and can distract your interviewer. Stick to a conservative tie that does not have more than three colors.

Limit Jewelry
It is not appropriate to wear a lot of jewelry to a job interview. Wearing all sorts of rings, watches, necklaces or pins can divert the interviewer’s attention to your jewelry. If you must wear jewelry to your interview, stick with just one or two pieces that are not too flashy.

Always Wear a Long-sleeved Shirt
It is always best to wear a long-sleeved shirt to an interview, even if you are applying for lower-level position. A long-sleeved shirt signifies professionalism, decency and self-control. Consider wearing a light-colored long-sleeved shirt to give accent to your suit and tie.

Be Neatly Groomed
Another part of the interview dress tips to remember is: even if you wear the nicest suit in the world to your interview, you are not going to get anywhere if you are not neatly groomed. Coming to the interview looking unkempt shows the interviewer that you are not taking the process seriously and are not willing to go to any extra effort to look presentable. Before you leave for your interview, make sure to shave your face, style your hair neatly and put on deodorant. Also, avoid wearing too much aftershave lotion or cologne.

Dressing appropriately for an interview might not guarantee you the job, but it will certainly help you make a good impression with your interviewer and prove to him that you take the interview seriously and want the position. Plan what you are going to wear at least a day or two before your interview and set your clothes out so that you are not looking for them an hour before you have to leave the house.
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