What You Need to Know About Cyber Monday and Coupon Codes

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Cyber Monday follows Thanksgiving and is the online response to the Black Friday deals offered by retail stores. Surveys have shown that when workers return to work following the long Thanksgiving break, they are likely to fire up their computers to look for additional deals. That spike in web traffic is felt by online stores, while worker productivity slides, at least for one day. Cyber Monday deals are terrific and can provide further savings when you make use of coupon codes.
1. Make a budget. Before you log on, establish a spending budget for your Cyber Monday shopping. Quite easily, you can go overboard as specials flash before your screen and you are enticed to make a purchase. Decide what you can afford to spend and insist on not going over it. As soon as you expend your budget, log off and do something else.
2. Research in advance. It is a mistake to get online on Cyber Monday, surf the ‘net and look for bargains without prior research. You will waste valuable time and miss important savings. Days, even weeks before Thanksgiving, key shopping sites will alert you to upcoming specials. You may already have your favorite sites in mind, so bookmark these for your visit.

3. Hunt for coupon codes. Coupon codes for cyber shopping are what clipped coupons are to supermarkets and other retailers. Just like clipped coupons, you need to find these coupons and use them with your orders. A site such as GreatDeals.com organizes coupon codes for you, identifying the most popular stores and the number of coupons available For instance, Macy’s has more than 200 coupons and Best Buy over 300. Some of those coupons are active right now and can be used before Cyber Monday.
4. Get free shipping. Hundreds of retailers that normally charge a fee for shipping drop that fee for Cyber Monday. These retailers join hundreds more retailers that waive the fee when you spend a certain amount, such as $50. Shipping costs can add up and eat into your savings even with coupon codes. Some companies tack on a flat 10 percent charge for orders below $100, but you can save that money by shopping with retailers that offer coupon codes and free shipping on Cyber Monday.

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5. Compare brands. So, you like a certain brand of computer and you will only buy that brand when it goes on sale on Cyber Monday? Big mistake here. When it comes to PCs, other electronic devices or most anything else for that matter, brand loyalty will cost you. Discounting hits a fevered pitch once Thanksgiving is over, with shoppers expecting bargains across the board. This is where manufacturers seek to win new business and will drop their prices or increase their coupon codes accordingly. You may prefer Dell, but if prices for a similar Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Acer or Toshiba product is lower, then ditch the brand loyalty and save.

6. Shop with a helper. You can spend hours searching for coupon codes and evaluating your potential savings. Doing this alone can be ineffective, but with a helper or friend searching with you, you will be able to save time and find even deeper savings. Also stay clued in to Twitter as users will post coupon codes and other savings information. Use the #couponcode hashtag to find the latest deals via this robust microblogging platform. Forward tweets to your followers and they will share the same.
Follow Up
If Cyber Monday comes and goes and your Christmas shopping list is still not complete, do not fret as deals will continue throughout December. Given that you will be shipping your items, plan to have your online shopping done by about Dec. 16 or pay for expensive shipping to get your order shipped days later and in time for Christmas.
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Robert Langdon is a professional blogger that writes for GreatDeals.com. Great Deals offers thousands of deals at hundreds of retailers including Macys coupons.

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