3 Careers for Content Lovers

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Writing, just like music and art, is an art form. Getting the style and flair flourishing throughout your work can make the difference between words on a page and a truly brilliant piece of writing. For many people, this love for writing starts at school, sitting in a classroom developing your handwriting and – in some cases – writing huge essays just because you get into the work you’re producing and only want to produce the finest copy before handing it in.

Many people then take this passion forward through life, either becoming published authors, maybe even journalists, where they get to write for a living and get paid for doing something they love.

Too many people tend to keep their passions as hobbies, choosing only to do them during their spare time rather than pushing themselves to make them full-time careers. As a consequence these people end up doing jobs they have no passion for and – in many instances – produce sub-standard work. When you’re doing something you really enjoy, you tend to ensure that you produce only the best, taking pride in what it is you’re doing.

For those who are keen to make a go of things with content and turn that hobby into a career, you’ve actually got more opportunities than you might think. In the past, the focus has been on becoming either an author or a journalist, getting your writing printed for the world to see.

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However, as we move further and further into a digital age, there are more opportunities arising for people to showcase their talents further afield, and in a variety of different professions. Here are just three to get your creative juices flowing, getting your job search to progress and potentially opening doors for you to forge a new career in content writing:


Of course, copywriting is the most obvious career route to go down. Sites are always looking for content to be added in order to keep their pages looking authoritative, relevant and up-to-date, showing all of their visitors that they know their stuff and if you’re an expert in a particular field – and can prove this to site owners – then you could start to make yourself a tidy packet producing content for their on-site blog page.


A lot of SEO companies have content writing as part of their campaign strategies. For many firms, link building involves the creation of unique content and placing it either on their partner’s blog page or distributing it to other high authority sites with a link back to the original page. To do this, SEO companies are always on the lookout for talented writers who can produce content on just about any topic – from gadgets to careers, cake decoration to car care.

Leading on from the previous examples, you could advertise yourself as a freelance blogger or writer. There are a number of sites on the Internet who advertise for writers, suggesting topics and titles and letting authors pitch their talents and CVs to the site owners and they can then request for you to do that particular article for a fee if they like what they see.

Obviously these are only three content-based careers, there are far more in the digital space as well as the traditional methods. Don’t sit and grow frustrated with your current position, make the move into something you have a passion for and you’re much more likely to be in a positive mindset and to produce your best work – and the higher the quantity and quality, the greater the rewards.

This article was written by Matt Rawlings. A UK-based freelance writer, Matt has ten years of experience in providing articles based around helping people with their job search and to find the latest and greatest gadgets.

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