The Best Antivirus Software For Your PC and Laptops

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The war of viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing and other malware is getting fiercer and funnier by the day, and you need the best antivirus software to win this war. Everyday several PCs, laptops and personal websites are being maliciously or accidentally infected.
If the former is the case, someone could intentionally send you a link to an infected site or a file containing viruses or spyware just to destroy your system, files and folders or even steal sensitive information with which to gain entry to the sites you visit regularly.
A lot of people are loosing their sensitive files, information they have labored over the years to gather, or even crucial jobs they are handling for someone else. When viruses infect their systems and destroy all they labored for, they are forced to start all over again; even at a much expensive price.

How do viruses gain entry to your computer?
Viruses, spyware, malware, etc gain entry to your PCs, laptops, websites, etc through one of the following routes:
1.   You received and downloaded an infected file
2.   You transferred an infected file from someone else’s flash drive/memory stick
3.   You received a link in your mail, which directed you to a site with infected files or software
4.   Someone uploaded an infected file to your website
What makes it easy for your system to be infected?
Your system becomes vulnerable to be infected if one of the following conditions is present:
1.   Your PC, laptop or website is not protected with the best antivirus software
2.   The antivirus you have on your systems is no longer potent
3.   The antivirus you have has expired
4.   Your antivirus has not been updated for a long time
5.   The antivirus you have cannot detect and handle certain forms of virus infections or attacks.
However, to save yourself from the heartache of losing all your sensitive or important files, or in order not to lose the job you are handling for someone, you need to install the best antivirus available on your system.
One of the best antivirus software available at the moment is Bitdefender. It is no doubt the best antivirus at the moment and can ensure adequate protection for your systems. Everybody is talking about it right now because it has all it takes to keep your system adequately secured. Some of the available products to take care of your personal computer, office computers, websites, mail servers, company computer network, etc include:
Bitdefender for Mac and PC image
Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac and PC helps to keep your Mac OS X and Windows systems secure from viruses and other malware and ensures your important files and other documents are secured.
antivirus plus 2013 image
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013, which is ranked #1 right now, prevents and stops e-threats, defends your privacy on social networks and secures your online transactions.
Bitdefender total security 2013 image
Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is trusted for its ability to protect mobile devices from loss/theft, automatically back up files, tune-up PCs and secure online transactions.
security for mail servers image
If you are using Windows or UNIX-based mail servers, Bitdefender security for mail servers would help you take care of all the known and unknown security threats you might be faced with.  It comes with award winning potent antispyware, antiphishing, antivirus, antispam, content and attachment filtering technologies. This helps to keep your mails free from spamming, phishing, spying, viruses, etc and ensures your documents are delivered safely.
security for file servers image
This helps to provide adequate security for your server operating system as well as the data file structure. The result of this is that you have a better back-end system. It helps to protect your file servers against viruses, malware, rootkits and spyware. It is easy to install and configure to your desire and taste.
scanner for unices image
This is a very good scanner for Free BSD systems and Linux. It is able to both protect your Windows based or UNIX-based disk partitions against virus attacks. It has a graphical user interface that is easy to use.
business security image
BitDefender Business Security offers solid and reliable protection for files and e-mail traffic within companies’ network of computers, thereby helping to boost their productivity by minimizing losses due to infections arising from viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, etc.
If you wish to have a painless moment using your PCs, laptops, website, business computers, you must consider installing Bitdefender on your systems. The cost of preventing an attack is definitely cheaper than the cost of fixing your systems after they are attacked.
I hope you have booked for your copy of Bitdefender antivirus today? Bitdefender remains the best antivirus software available for now. Remember to share this post with your friends if it has really helped you make a nice decision as to the best antivirus to use for your system.
Next time, we shall be talking about other antivirus software and how much protection they offer your PCs and laptops.

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