Recognizing and Employing Trends in Blogging

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Like everything else, the world of blogging is subject to trends. In some cases, these blogging trends have to do with the subject matter that most blogs are choosing to write about. In other cases, blogging trends will revolve around what are typically called memes on the Internet. There are some easy ways that you can spot blogging trends that you may want to use to improve the content on your own site.

Check the Big Sites
There are niche sites out there for just about every subculture and every tiny interest area of pop culture. Choose the most popular blogs in these niches that relate to your own site. For example, if you’re trying to run a magazine site, look at the dominant magazine sites and see what they’re running stories about. Quite often, you’ll find out that they tend to somewhat recycle one another’s content.

If something seems to be like a breaking trend, don’t be afraid to capitalize on that. For example, when the iPad first came out, just about every technology blog out there seemed to have at least one article a day on the iPad. There is no reason not to jump on the bandwagon with those kinds of trends. If those blogs are running that many articles, it’s probably because people are looking for information. Offer useful information in your own way on your own blog to get in on the trend.
Viral Content and Memes
Viral content and memes can provide easy ways for you to come up with creative content for your blog. Among the most easily recognizable types of Internet meme is what’s called a “cat macro”, which serves as a good example. These are the pictures of cats you see all over the Internet with some sort of amusing text captioned onto the image.
Oftentimes, the captions on these images become memes of their own. For example, the phrase “I can haz” started out as an Internet meme of a cat asking for a cheeseburger and is used quite a bit now in other contexts. If you’re using the WordPress platform, WordPress themes generally make it easy to include such image content on your blog or elsewhere on your site.
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Some trends aren’t really memes or viral content, but they become acceptable clichés for a time. An example of this is using a strikethrough font as a way of showing what you want to say while typing what you’re actually supposed to say after it. Normally, it would appear in a context such as: “My dad drives like he doesn’t know where the gas pedal is likes to take it easy on the road.” You’ll see this all over blogs at the moment.
Look around at popular blogs and see what the writers are up to and how much of what they’re doing is based on trends. Remember to be creative with it but, just as importantly, don’t be afraid to follow the trend to keep readers interested.

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