Should You Use Email Blast Software To Reach Your Business Customers?

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email blast software
Email blast or email campaign is the act of creating and sending bulk email messages to a vast number of persons or business customers at a time. It is one of the strategies often adopted by marketers to reach a substantial number of persons on their mailing list in order to promote their business or offer a sale.
Marketers are quite busy and so they don’t have all the time in the world to draft letters or messages to be sent out per individual manually; so they resort to a short cut – email blast software. This usually gives them the advantage of saving their time and money.
Is email blasting same as spam?
Spam is the act of sending unsolicited or unapproved email to someone. It involves sending a message to someone without first getting an approval from him/her. But email marketing is the opposite of spamming. Before messages are sent, the individuals must have to first opt-in to your mailing list to get future information from you concerning your website updates, new products availability, announcements about contest, etc. By so doing, they give you the go ahead to send them messages using their mail addresses.
While some marketers employ some software to help do this job quickly and easily, others make use of autoresponder services and even short messages (SMS) services from their sites specially designed for that purpose. The process makes it simple and possible for you to send out sound files, attachments, pictures, background images, etc to your customers.
Advantages of blast email
There are numerous advantages email campaign can offer your business. Some of the advantages include but are not limited to the following:
  1. Saves time: You don’t need to draft individual letters each at a time. You just need to draft a single message and send it out to several persons at a time. By so doing, you save several hours that would otherwise be spent on writing several hundreds of letters or messages. For instance, if you have 10,000 persons on your mailing list that you need to tell about your site update, then you would spend several days doing that. But with blast email software, you can accomplish that in a matter of few minutes.
  2. Saves energy: it is not an easy task sitting down for hours doing a particular job. Email campaign helps you conserve energy you would have spent composing and sending out sales messages, newsletters, customer correspondences, marketing materials or other relevant information to your mailing list.
  3. Saves money: if you were to go to a cybercafé to send mails or you are subscribed to a data bundle, it would take several hours to accomplish the job manually, thereby making you waste a lot of money in the process. Your bundle would burn off even before you get half of the job done.
Questions you must ask before use
There are some questions you need to ask before using particular email blast software. Some of the things you might love to know include:
  • Fee: Is there monthly fees or it is simply a one -time set up fee?
  • Email list size: does it have a limit to the size of list you can use at any given time?
  • Number of emails: What is the number of emails you are allowed to send out per campaign?
  • Recipient address: does it have the capacity to import or export your recipients’ email addresses?
  • Mail merge option: do you have a provision to send personalized emails to each individual on your list?
  • Backup: can you back up your list for future reuse?
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to use?
  • Unsubscribe: Do your subscribers have the option to opt out of your list?
These questions need to be answered before going ahead to make use of such services.
What blast email software should you use?
There are both free email blast software and the paid ones out there that you can use effectively for your campaigns. Before employing anyone, it is better to compare it with other available ones to be sure it is suitable and has the capacity to meet your desired goals.

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Some of the available ones include: Send blaster, Group mail, Email marketing director, Comm 100 email blast service, Atomic mail sender, world cast, e-campaign, Handymailer, MultiEmail, G-lock software easy mail, etc.
In conclusion:
Email blast is a sure tool to help reach your customers and take your business to the next level. However, caution must be applied while sending messages to your mailing list. If you over do it, some of your customers may become irritated and opt out of your list.
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