7 Things to Consider for an Effective About-Me Page

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The “About Me” page is a very important showcase for your freelance portfolio. This is where readers check right away, if they are looking for some help from you or searching for a freelance service. An effective about me page will provide such valuable information about your work experiences, your education and your current business or hobbies, which are relevant about the skills that you want to promote through your blog. 
 People want to stay away from scammers, inexperienced guys and fraudulent sites. Therefore, anybody who wants freelance services will do a bit of research before hiring anyone.
You must include the following segments clearly in your About Me page:
1.   Your Name and Profession:
An effective About Me page must provide all relevant information related to your skills and services. It must also clearly tell the readers your name, education and profession. You can also add your age and gender to make your blog more personalize.
2.   Location:
Location is an important criterion for several clients. Your location must be mentioned on About Me page. Some people are interested in hiring within same geographical location, while some are interested in outsourcing their work to other countries.
3.   Education and Work Experience:
You must clearly mention your education and certificates that you obtained in your field. Your educational background will make your About Me page stand out and will gain trust from the readers.
Experience – How many years of experience you have in this field? List the companies you have worked for and your high-end clients.
You can also list your work experiences in other related field, the number of clients you have worked for, type of work, and all the companies you have worked with.
4.   List your Publications:
List your publications, interviews, any articles or content you have contributed on various sites. Record all your publications, online websites, content that you’ve written and all freelance work you’ve provided in order to give your readers clear idea about your skills
5.   Mention your Area of Focus and Specialty:
What is your specialty and area of focus? Provide readers details about your specialty field, your interests and your expertise in specific areas.
6.   Mentioning Personality Traits:
Listing your personality traits will be an additional plus point. If you’re an honest, dedicated and hard worker, you can list your qualities. Write and tell them that you do pay attention to details and have an entrepreneurial mindset.
7.   General Information:
This is not necessary but you can add a bit about your family background. If your family members are also expert and specialized in your area of expertise, like your father, sister or brother then it will add-up to your professionalism. People will get an impression that you have come from an educated family background.

Final Words:

People look for the maximum information on About Me page. Being a professional, include all this information in your About Me page to build your business.
Author’s Bio:
Mudasar began his career in finance at Mortgage company. Now, he helps people getting cash advance. To get more details, visit his website.

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