When To Add A No Follow Tag To Your Links

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Links remain a vital part of blogging and article writing online. They help to build connections into our blogs from within or from outside. Bloggers are however concerned about when or when not to use a ‘Do Follow’ or a ‘No follow’ link in their sites.

No matter how concerned we are about the use of these link tags, the ‘Do follow’ and the ‘‘No follow’ tags would always be needed in our websites. Knowing where to use any of them and how to apply them becomes very important.
What are ‘No follow links’?
When a ‘No follow’ tag is applied to a blog post or link, it simply means that you are asking the search engine robots that that link is not relevant and should not be followed by the robots. In that case, even if the search engine crawlers follow such link, you cannot share your link juice with the site where it is pointed to. Even if an individual or search engines crawlers get to such sites through your link, the Page rank of such sites remains unchanged because you do not share your page rank with them.
Where should we use the ‘No follow tags’
It is advisable to use a ‘No follow’ tag on the following links: Paid links, Affiliate links, Downloads links, comment links (to prevent link spamming) when necessary, links leading to sites that contain pornography, violence, gambling, site that a very long time to load, etc.
If you are linking to any of the afore-mentioned sites, there is need to use the following attribute www.sitename.comrel=”nofollow”>The anchor text. or simply use this formula LINK-NAME. Once you apply that, the search engines spiders know you are telling them to ignore such links because they are not important and must never be followed. So they ignore them based on your instructions because they are obedient messengers.
Note: Replace sitename with name of the site as shown in the URL, replace anchor text with whatever you want to use as the link. In the second demonstration, replace your ‘link here’ with the URL of the site and then Link name with the anchor text you want to use.
However, we should not apply these link tags to links within our sites. If you are linking one of your articles to another, remember not to add a ‘No follow’ tag. Instead, you should leave the links as they are. Do follow links are necessary for you to spread the page ranks within your site.

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