Who to Follow on Twitter to Maximize Business Potential?

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Most new users who sign up for a Twitter account will ask questions about hashtags, @ signs and whom to follow. These questions are all valid and one can only progress in the Twitter world when in sync with the system. Following people is the first step towards being an active member on this particular platform.

Joining sites such as Twitter and Facebook requires a certain level of dedication. These social networking sites are not simplistic when it comes to attracting followers. Getting the account off the ground with your first set of followers is difficult without guidance. At times, not only is it difficult attracting followers, but following people becomes a tough exercise. One does not know whom to follow and whom to avoid.

There are steps to making the process easier for new users. A question one should ask prior to signing up is whether this account is necessary. Will it push the business forward or be a waste of time? Are there enough people on Twitter who will be interested in your product or services? These are all questions that should arise prior to making that account and going down the path of social networking.

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