How to Organize Successful Telemarketing Campaign?

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When it comes to reaching consumers and getting the message out there, telemarketing is a splendid option. Although the recent DNC legislation has altered the telemarketing industry, the telephone is still a superb way of reaching out to customers for both big and small businesses.

The truth is that telemarketing is effective and it is possible to get the message into the right people’s hands in many ways without annoying them. When it comes to organizing a solid and successful telemarketing campaign, all that is needed is the right script, solid marketing goals for every call and the right script. Following are a few tips that can help telemarketers organize a successful telemarketing campaign and boost their sales.

Before telemarketers or their salespeople make a telemarketing call, it is important that they figure out why they will be calling. Determining the goal for every call is a major part of organizing a telemarketing campaign. In fact, telemarketers should also determine what they want their prospect to do after receiving the phone call. After figuring out a clear objective, the sales message should be crafted around it.

Getting on Target:

A very crucial step that guarantees the success of a telemarketing campaign is to target the right prospects. There are a myriad of databases that contain both residential and business telephone numbers. Better results depend on selecting the prospects or telephone numbers more precisely. For a consumer list, age, gender, geography, household income, number of children, profession, special interests and etc. should be considered.

For a business list, annual sales, company size, geography, industry, job titles, number of employees, revenue, SIC code, size of the business, etc. should be considered. Telemarketers should focus their energies on prospects who actually want their product, rather than trying to reach everyone.

Outsourcing the Call Center :

Keeping telemarketing efforts in-house is preferred by many frugal telemarketers. However, when it comes to organizing a successful campaign, they can save a lot of money and time by setting up a good outsourced call center.

Getting a Remarkable Script :

To succeed with a telemarketing campaign, having the right script is vital too. Rather than being pressured to buy something, if callers are offered something they want, then they tend to respond better. Not sure, they block for some reason. When it comes to making a good initial impression over the phone, telemarketers usually get merely a couple of seconds. Thus, rather than dragging a call, wasting time, they should try to catch the attention of their prospect and make them understand what they are offering.

Practicing Till It Sounds Natural:

The script should be used by the salespeople as a guide rather than directly reading from it. This can turn out to become rather difficult, especially for inexperienced salespeople. Thus, when organizing a telemarketing campaign, it should be ensured that the salespeople are comfortable with the script and will be able to counter any objections that a prospect might have. Even training sessions should be held so that the employees get to know the script through and through.

A positive relationship with current and new customers can be built with the right list of targeted prospects and a friendly voice, and direct marketing success can be increased this way.

Article written by Natasha blogger, marketer, and communication expert. Her fields of expertise include modern means of communication in marketing, with special insight into call centers and contact centers in general.

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