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WordPress is particularly loved by a lot of bloggers because of the presence of different plugins which have made a lot of things easier, including how to schedule a post in wordpress for future publication. We all understand why bloggers have to schedule their posts for a later date. It is simply because they are too busy to be able to write new posts and manually publish them daily.

Last time we talked about How to Schedule a Post in Blogger and found out how relatively easy it was to actually do that. But you discover that the Blogger platform is a little bit different from that of WordPress, hence the need for us to talk about “How to schedule a post in wordpress”.
You need to schedule your articles in order to give you ample time to attend to other pressing issues – business, family issues, education, social schedules, etc. Once you schedule your post for a future date, it publishes itself on that date without any manual supervision or physical presence.
How it is done
After writing and proof-reading your post, go to your wordpress website/blog and go to your dashboard. From there you click on “Post” and then ‘Add New’ in order to open up your HTML editor. Copy and paste the post you have written on your Microsoft word editor into your HTML editor.

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Look for the link that says ‘Publish Immediately’ and directly in front of this link you have the ‘Edit’ button. Click on the ‘Edit’ button (The ‘Publish immediately’ then changes to ‘Schedule for’) and pick the month, date and time you want the post published. Remember to set the hour according to your clock setting. If you are operating a 24hour time format, then 6Am would be set as 06:00 while 5:30PM would be 17:30. Click ‘Ok’ to save your settings. Preview your work by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.
Now go to the last part which reads ‘Publish’ (it is boldly highlighted in blue) and hit the button. You are done. This would automatically publish your article on the particular date you have set it to be published. Be sure your post is set on ‘Publish’ and not on ‘Draft’. If you accidentally click on the ‘Draft’ button, your post would remain there and would never be published.

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Simple, isn’t it? Now pick up your written article and follow the example to schedule it for a future date. When you have practised it and become familiar with it, you can teach your friends how to do it.
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To change the schedule
If for any reason you decide not to publish the post on the set date, perhaps you now want to publish it earlier than the scheduled date, simply look for the particular post and click on the ‘Edit’ button to change it to the current date and hit the ‘Publish Immediately’ button to publish it. Now you have learnt how to schedule a post in wordpress.

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