How to Schedule a Post in Blogger

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When you become bogged down with too much activities that you hardly find time to post to your blog on a regular basis, there is need to schedule your post in such a way that your blog would be updated even in your absence. To schedule a post in blogger is quite easy.
Just find the time to write as much as you want to post for a specific period of time. You don’t need to write everyday; you could add new posts maybe once or twice a week. After writing your new articles, define what time and date you would love them published.
It is usually better to have your blogsite updated at the same hour and day of the week for a better search engine optimization result. Doing this would make your blog post more predictable by the search engines robots. And at the expected time they just visit your site to get the latest information. It makes them come regularly, knowing you would always have something new for them at the particular time.
Now go your blog’s dashboard and click on “New post” and your HTML editor is opened for you. You have to decide which of the options to use between ‘Compose’ and ‘HTML’. If you can do the HTML tweaking yourself, you have to use the HTML and paste your edited post into the space provided. Otherwise use the second option. If you are using compose, copy the post you have written in Microsoft word editor and paste into the space provided.
Add the heading. Add links if you need to, by highlighting the anchor word and click on ‘Link’ then insert the link as desired. Go to ‘Label’ (on the right sidebar) and add the post labels and click ‘Done’. After that, click on ‘Schedule post’ and add the time and date/month you want the post published, then click ‘Done’.
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Go to permalinks and fill in the permalink of the post just as obtains in WordPress blogs. Note that our permalink did not contain all the words in the post’s topic. This is because only about 36 characters of your post topic are picked by the search engines. The remaining letters are usually chopped off, making some of the topics to be meaningless. So try as much as possible to add only three to four meaningful words to the permalinks with a ‘dash’ in between the words as demonstrated here. Remember to click ‘Done’ thereafter.

If you are using the ‘Compose’ mode and you want to add ‘Read on’, ‘continue reading’ or ‘read the rest story’ as the case maybe, simply click on ‘Insert Jump break’ (on the upper part of the HTML editor) and that is where our red arrow is pointing. It is usually represented by an icon with a break in the middle. Place your cursor on the position where you want the jump break to be inserted and click on the icon.

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Now go to the part that says ‘Preview’ to be sure everything is well done. Crosscheck your links, take a look at the post schedule date and time and if all is well, go to ‘Publish’ and click on it. Your post is then scheduled and waiting for the date it would be published. You don’t need to go and manually do anything again. It would publish itself on that date whether you are around or not. Congratulations! You can now schedule a post in blogger on your own.
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