How To Start Online Importation Business From Your Home

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Online Importation business

Contrary to popular belief, online importation business is not all that difficult and full of hitches. Online business can be as smooth as offline. Some people have been made to believe that the internet is full of frauds and that nobody could be trusted when it comes to online importation businesses. Unfortunately, this is not true; you can actually get a lot of people with proven character with whom you can transact business.

It must be understood that there are good businessmen online just like there are bad ones; and that there are also bad businessmen offline the same way there the good ones. So the bottom line is to identify the good ones and build a lasting relationship with them. The internet is full of opportunities and you must be in the right frame of mind to the able to harness these opportunities.

Working on false information would never take you anywhere in the direction of success or progress; rather it would lead you toward limitation and total failure. If you must succeed, you need to discard the wrong opinions you have and embrace the right information. A lot of people have become millionaires and billionaires by doing online business. People like Ewen Chai, Henri Rosyadi, Scot Standke, Mark Anastasi, Akin Alabi, Eben Pagan, Imran Naseem, Joseph Park, Ted Nicholas, Mike German, etc all made their money by selling one form of information product or the other online. So why should you keep limiting yourself by thriving on falsehood?

I have personally carried out extensive research and discovered there are actually reputable websites where you can buy your products at very cheap prices and then sell them for high profit irrespective of the country where you live in. Several people are using these sites. I am using them as well and am happy transacting business there.

What Do You Need To Start The Importation Business?
You actually don’t need anything special to start the trade; you only need some basic requirements which are not stressful to provide:

1. Functional Home Address: This is very necessary because your goods/products would be delivered to your doorstep. So for the courier to be able to locate you, you need to provide them with a correct home address.

2. Your Phone number: Sometimes the courier service is unable to locate your home; so they drop your goods with your local post office which in turn gives you a call through the phone number you provided them. Once you receive your call, you go to the post office to collect your products without any hassles.

3. Bank account:You need this to be able to place your order using your bank’s ATM card. Your ATM is acceptable whether you live in Nigeria or elsewhere. Visa cards and master cards are acceptable. You simply don’t need to own a Paypal account before you can do the online importation business. In some cases, your bank can even give you a Visa card without you owning an account with them.

What Are The Advantages of Online Importation Business?
The advantages of this system are quite enormous and you mustn’t be left behind. Some of the reasons why you should be part of it include :
Ease of use: It is easy to become an importer because you don’t need to stress yourself to be physically present in a country before you can import your goods from there.
No Visa required: You don’t need a visa for this. You don’t also have to visit any embassy for interviews and visa schedules before you can start.
It is fast: Most of the goods are actually shipped out within 4 days of making your payment, and they take a few days to a few weeks to arrive at your place. Delay is minimal.
No foreign exchange : You do not need to look for a place to convert your currency into the US dollars before you can buy. Once you choose the card you want to use for payment, the dollar equivalent is automatically collected from your card without any form of cheating or fraud.
Less risk : It is less risky compared to having to travel in a car, ship or airplane to the point of purchase. You can buy from the comfort of your bedroom and save yourself the risk of travelling – robbery attacks, accidents, etc.
No clearing needed : Your goods are delivered to your doorstep without you having to do import clearance that would otherwise consume your precious time.
Customer protection : You are protected against fraud. Machineries are put in place to ensure you are not defrauded by any seller. Your payment is not released to the seller until you confirm your goods were delivered in good condition. If goods are delivered in bad condition, you have the right to reject them and they are replaced or your money is refunded.

It is actually easier than you think. Online importation business has come to stay and you should not be left out of this multibillion dollars opportunity. Start your online importation business today and you would be glad you did.

Online Importation Business

I have compiled an e-book on how you can start online importation business, and all the other things you need to know, including the websites where you can get these cheap products. The e-book also contains tips on how to use the information to your advantage.

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