Myanmar Travel: An Outlay

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Myanmar Travel

Burma, or as it is known today Myanmar is slowly gaining popularity as an exotic tourist spot. Since, it has long remained a British colony; chances of development were near to negligible. But today, people all over the world are gaining more knowledge on the breathtaking places and mesmerizing views of the country. In the past Myanmar have fewer visitors than its neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh or the likes.  The main reason behind this is the political tumult that was spread all over the country.
A History of Myanmar Travel Sector
Though, the government has played the most vital role in developing the tourism sector in the country, but it could not have been possible without the constant supports from the private investments.

The government took the initiative to attract tourists first in 1992. By 2010, they had been able to bring in as many as 791505 tourists on to the Burmese soil. Of the total number 295174 came in through the Yangon International Airport. The recent political calmness opened the doors for more of foreign tourists by 2011.
Tourism offers an astounding economic support to the Burmese civilians, and also ensures that the country isn’t isolated from the other parts of the globe.
Myanmar is quite an inexpensive place. The locales are mesmerizing and it has a heavy cultural and historic value. The main religion followed by the people here is Buddhism, however Hindu and Christians are also found. The unique colorfulness of the Buddhist culture has left its traces all over the state. The pagodas are the finest examples. One might take a boat ride across the serene waters of the Inle Lake or enjoy the setting or rising sun at Bagan.
Factors to be considered
But there are few factors you must consider before planning a Myanmar trip. Firstly, you must remember that there is a bit of a communication problem in Myanmar, not all connections work properly over there. Also, the credit and debit cards from just any financial institutions will not be accepted by all the banks in the country.
The local currency of Myanmar is kyat and is pronounced as ‘chat’. One will get numerous authorized money exchangers in the country. But one must remember not to exchange their money from the airport. Their one would get a bare 450 Kyat for 1 USD. The normal exchange rate can however draw in around 800 Kyat. The Euro rate is somewhere around 1400 Kyat per euro. However many restaurants and hotels accept payment in Euro.
While one is planning a Myanmar travel, he must keep in mind that food and lodging will need extra consideration. The charges for the rooms will vary from one location to the other, depending upon its accessibility.
It is not actually a very easy task to plan a trip to Myanmar. One therefore will need to contact a professional tour operator to make the ticket bookings and the hotel room reservations for him. Any Myanmar travel agent will be well-versed in the needs that one might face while being in the country.

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