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Do you want to make money online? That is possible even though you are not from a developed economy. The quest to get a solution to the endless embarrassments Nigerians and some third World countries nationals go through online has led me into creating a new site Naijabucks. Some Western countries have concluded that Nigerians can never be trusted when it comes to financial issues – online or offline. They simply believe we are all dupes and must be avoided like lepers.
For instance, Paypal which is the most respected online payment processor has blacklisted our country and some other African countries like Algeria, Chad, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Central Africa Republic, Sao Tome and Principe, etc. If you want to shop online on sites where Paypal is used you find our names conspicuously missing from the dropdown list of accepted countries. This has unleashed untoward sufferings on several genuine Nigerian and other African business men and women online.
Besides, Clickbank, the World’s most popular online digital market also does not want to hear the mention of Nigeria and some of these African countries. Meaning that if any Nigerian marketer comes up with an invention that could solve people’s problems, he would never sell it on Clickbank no matter how useful. It also means we cannot be vendors helping to market other people’s products as affiliates.

This harsh stance by Paypal and Clickbank has completely kept Nigerians and other affected countries nationals in internet market isolation. It has also led to some devising illegal ways of scaling the hurdles. Eventually, so many have lost their hard earned incomes to Paypal the moment they are discovered to be operating from these forbidden countries.
I have visited some freelance sites like,,,, etc and the problem seems to be same as long as payments are accepted through Paypal. Nigeria is blessed with talents and if these talents are well harnessed, the rate of crime in the country would drop drastically. So, there must be a way to make genuine hard working Nigerians make money legitimately without any stumbling block. This is the reason why I have decided to come up with Naijabucks. The site is going to be officially launched in the next few days. So keep ears open; I know the expectations are quite high. Try and spread the news to your friends as well.

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How does Naijabucks solve the problem?
Naijabucks is purely for Nigerians and those who don’t have a way of benefiting from the online cake. It is a platform where Nigerians, Philippinos, Indians, Nepalese, etc can put their talents to work and make money genuinely online. It is more or less an alternative to fiverr, tenbux, dollar3, odesk, elance,, etc.
What are the Advantages of Using Naijabucks?
There are numerous advantages the users stand to benefit from using which must not be neglected if you are really serious to make some dollars online with your talents.
  1. No discrimination: Nobody is going to discriminate against you anymore. Everybody is equal at; there are no first tier, second tier or third tier citizens. This feeling of equality makes it easier for one to relax to do business here.
  2. Acceptance of different currencies: Different currencies are supported for payment for services, making it easier to get an alternative to pay for whatever services you want to get. Your own local currency may also be accepted depending on your country. You don’t need to convert your currency to the U.S dollars before you can make payment.
  3. Different payment processors: The site supports different payment processors like Okpay, Liberty Reserve, Payza, Voguepay, etc. This also ensures you have at least a platform that is available for your own country.
  4. Ease of use: Your earnings are easily transferred to your account as and when due. The payment processors are reputable ones and so would not allow any shoddy transactions to tarnish their reputation. Everyone is relaxed doing business here – no fears of being defrauded.
  5. Affiliate opportunities: Opening account with the payment processors and referring your friends gives you the opportunity to make money from the transactions they make using the system. Okpay, Voguepay, Liberty reserve and Payza both support affiliate earnings. As soon as you verify your account, generate your referral code and use it in your emails and on your websites and blogs.
  6. No wastage: You get paid for virtually everything. Whatever you can do attracts money, so your talent is never wasted unlike when there is no way to put it to use and earn a living with it. Can you write an article, a poem, business proposal, etc? Can you design/develop a website, build a blog, give out software, do social media campaign, shoot a video, write a review, etc? Simply offer your service here and somebody is waiting to patronize you.

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  8. More money: All the sites in this market charge as much as 20% to 30% commission, but naijabucks collects only 10% ensuring that you go home with a higher percentage of the bid money. You also have several alternatives and opportunities to earn higher by doing services for $3, $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $45 or $90. We understand that all services don’t cost the same and allow you to be paid higher for those expert services you render.
How Does the System Work?
Simply register for a free account at and create a pip (work or service); tell people what you can do for $3, $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $45 or $90. A buyer pays for the service and you are asked to render the service within a specific period. Upon successful completion and delivery of the service, you get 90% of the bid money and 10% goes to naijabucks for site maintenance and payment of staff (payment processor charges inclusive). This is the cheapest in this market because other sites actually collect commission as high as 20% to 30%. You make more money on Naijabucks. Your money is either paid into your account or you can withdraw it into your Okpay card, Payza card, your bank account, etc. You need to be familiar with the terms for cards issuance before applying for plastic or virtual cards.
Don’t waste any further time; start earning legit money right away by opening your Payza, Okpay, Liberty Reserve, Voguepay accounts. This is not MLM, HYIP, Get-rich-quick syndrome, etc; it is simply earning legit money by putting your talent to work. I wish you a happy stay on Naijabucks.

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