Tips and Techniques for Keeping Your Office Organized

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straighten up your desk before leaving the office for the day, so it’s fresh when you arrive in the morning.  Drawer organizers are a good way to keep things organized within a system of organization and will keep things like pens, highlighters, staples and paper clips from rolling around or otherwise cluttering your drawer. This makes the office more organized and provides enough space to work. 


Now, as most businesses are reliant upon computers—and computers are really just a giant electronic desk/office/file-cabinet—many of these same ideas above can be applied to keeping your computer organized. 

First, start with your desktop.  Remove any shortcuts that aren’t used for the office work daily; if you’re not using it regularly, you’re probably not saving much time with the desktop link


Next, organize your files the same way you did with the paper documents.  It may help to not think of the office files as one long root system on your hard-drive but as a series of smaller plants—this will save you time from having to dig through twenty layers of folder every time you need to access a file.  You can then arrange these smaller “plants” into relevance: current, old, older, oldest.  If allowed, transfer these older files onto an external hard-drive.


Emails should also be put through a wash.  Set your filter settings to cut down on unwanted junk emails that will otherwise clutter your phone and email provider.  Don’t be afraid to delete an older email.  If need be, copy and paste important emails (or emails whose importance you’re unsure of at the moment) into a word document and file that accordingly.  This is a good technique for those always a little hesitant about a permanent delete. 

  It may even help to create a sub-folder of emails in limbo between necessity and garbage; often times, once you’ve placed a document in this folder, the safety of the task will allow you to re-analyze and vet the data better and most often you’ll find that things placed in this sub-folder are safe to discard after all.  This separate bin technique can also be used for paper documents as well.      

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Marty Reardon covers a company which can be found here. Working in the storage industry, Marty understands the importance of keeping your life organized and de-cluttered, and he’s helped thousands across the country do exactly that.

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