Where To Get Cheap Quality Pictures For Your Blog and Website

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Pictures and graphics add more quality to your blog posts and help to attract human traffic as well. When your posts are supported by high quality pictures, it brings out the beauty of your blog; but poor quality photos help to put off potential customers.

Not all pictures are therefore suitable for your blog posts; they must be well selected. They must make some meanings to whosoever sees them on your site. Photos speak. They have the ability to retain people longer when they visit your site.

I never paid so much attention to the number and quality of photos on my blog until somebody visited my site and made a critical observation concerning the scanty number of pictures I was using on my posts. I took the challenge and began to think of what to do to improve the aesthetics of my blogsite.

Why should I bother so much about my blog pictures?
Like I mentioned earlier, nice photographs help to bring out the beauty of your site and then retain human traffic for longer periods.

They also make your blog not to look like just a textbook. Blogging has actually developed to the point of you thinking of how to always satisfy your customers and visitors. One of such ways is to present them with attractive sites.

Where do I get quality photos?
Sometimes you can take your own photos if you are a professional photographer and have the ability to arrange good backgrounds. Having a good digital camera or good mobile phone camera with at least 5MP could really help. After taking the image, you can edit it using nice photo editing software online to improve its quality and add other effects as you desire.

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However, there are sites where you can purchase quality pictures for cheap prices. Some of them are even as low as $0.24 to $1 per image. I am going to list a few of those sites for you in case you need to get better images to put a shine on your blog.

1. 123rf.com: This is my first choice of all the sites. Here you can buy pictures (267x400px or more) for as low as $1 each. All you need do is simply open an account, and confirm it. Purchase credits using your credit card or other accepted methods. You can use one of three available methods. With “Pay-As-You-Go” you can buy credits from 20 credits for $20 up to 5000 credits for $3680. With your credits you can buy several pictures with each small picture costing $1 for the smallest credit units of 20. So 20 credits would automatically give you 20 quality pictures like the ones used on this post.

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Another method is to subscribe using “Standard Subscription” which gives you 5 images per day for $89 per month. With that you can get several images monthly. You can also use $199 for 90 days or $749 for 365 days. The choice is yours.

The last of the packages is the “Premium Subscription” which gives you 26 images per day. Prices range from $230 for 30 days, $590 for 90 days and $1960 for 365 days. Relatively cheap!

2.Fotolia.com: You can also get cheap images here. Bundles are sold from $32.50 for 25 credits (average of $1.30 per credit) to $5200 for 7000 credits (an average of $0.74 per credit). Most of the small images which you can comfortably use for your blog posts go for just 1 credit. So if you pay $32.50, you can get about 25 images. You can also buy the Custom Bundles and get bonus credits.

3.Dreamstime.com : This is also a good place to get nice photos but they are a little more expensive than 123rf.com. The prices are not the same for all small pictures. Some go for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or more points; meaning that you can actually buy a picture here for as much as $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6 or more.

4.Istockphoto.com: This works very much like all other sites listed earlier. You pay for images with the credits you already bought. You also have the “Pay-As-You-Go”, ‘Subscriptions’ and ‘Corporate Accounts’.

Credits you buy from these sites can be used within a period of one year. You can also re-download your paid images within a specific timeframe. New pictures are uploaded on daily basis, giving you a lot of variety to choose from.

The beauty of the whole thing is that they also allow you to become an affiliate and earn money on purchases made by the people you refer. Why not give them a try today and add more colour to your blog or website to attract new visitors?

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