The New Google Pagerank: What Do You Think?

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Google released a new Google pagerank on the 2nd of August 2012 and as expected there were a lot of surprises, causing several website owners to keep wondering the actual modalities for Google Pagerank updates. While several blogsites and websites received new higher rank, some others remained unchanged; and of course some got a reduction in theirs.

Those who had much expectation and never got anything ended up being disappointed. While would anyone expect anything from Google when it has always been impossible to really know what to expect from the internet giant? The reason is not far-fetched: you have labored to add fresh unique content always; you have struggled to increase links to your blog, and you have even followed all recommendations from search engine optimization experts – then you have every reason to expect Google to look your way with favour. Unfortunately, sometimes it is never so. Things just go the way Google wants it.

Just like it happened with the Penguin and panda updates so it has again happened, that some website owners were frustrated because they couldn’t just understand why their efforts could not be recognized and rewarded.

I was one of the happiest blog owners because four of my blogs were positively affected. After the Panda update, I did share with us that three of my blogs were given page rank 2. But today I also want to let us know that four of my blogs were once again given new page ranking. Last time my site Kingdom Voice went up from zero to PR2. But with this new update it has once again gone up to PR3 (first of all my sites to achieve this feat).

My other site Jossypolitics also went up a step from PR1 to PR2. And then the third one African Nurses Forum also recovered one point to move to PR1 from zero (it actually went down from PR2 to PR0 sometime in the past). And the last is Chelseamania which moved up to PR1 from zero. You can now understand the reason for my joy.

My surprise
I had expected a new positive change with Business Success Guide but surprisingly nothing changed – the PR remained at 2. Why was I full of expectations? I had worked hard since I got PR2 last time to make sure I got a hit in the next update. I had published new content at least thrice a week consistently. I had even built new links and submitted guest posts to a few highly ranked blogs. So when the update showed I still had PR2, I was upset.

What I think
Having critically observed what happened with about 10 of my different blogs, I have decided to air my personal opinion as to what I think were the criteria used by Google to rank the sites. This is purely my personal opinion and not the view of SEO expert or SEO company, and not also the opinion of a Google insider. I believe that the following really count :

1. Updating: To stand any chance of being considered for a Pagerank gain, you need to keep updating your blog or website. It may not be daily or weekly, but at least add something once in a while. If you don’t update at all, at a point the search engine spiders totally stop to visit your site and that would affect its rank negatively. All my sites which received a new rank have been occasionally updated (some regularly and some just once a while) except chelseamania which I have not touched for a long time partly because of my workload and partly because of sportsgalaxy. Others that were never updated have not received any ranking so far. Some even lost what they had earlier.

2. Content: Updating is fine, but what kind of stuff do you keep adding to your site? Are they relevant? Do they really benefit your readers? Good content is what Google wants to see on your site, not just content. If you keep providing great content you will be considered ahead of others. Quality content, no doubt, helps to improve your search engine ranking.

3. Minimal dilution: My experience with Kingdom Voice has shown me that search engines respect our credibility. Almost all my sites have had guest posts published at one point or the other. I am the only one who has posted to Kingdom Voice since it was created. I believe the mark Google scores me is higher for being able to keep providing quality posts on the site alone. I think individual authors are scored higher than group of authors running a site together. When you run the site alone, your content is entirely yours and is not easily diluted by diverse opinions and ideology that other authors could add.

To get a better Google pagerank for your blog or website, you must work hard, do the right things, provide quality fresh content and try as much as possible to minimize diluting the content of your site. You must never neglect to update your site for a very long period of time.

What do you think should also be done to improve your Google pagerank? Please share your opinions with us. If you find this post useful please ensure you share with your friends. I wish you a higher pagerank in the next update come November 2012.

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