How Your Website Design Can Significantly Affect Your Business

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Website designs were once something only a few companies invested in. Now they are easier to set up and manage, almost everyone has one in some form.

With everybody being online, it also means website browsers have become accustomed to visiting numerous websites per day, and can immediately decide if a website can be trusted, and more importantly where they will engage and take what is being offered.

There is a lot of competition out there, and it is easy to find the competition with a click of the mouse, therefore your website must be designed to attract and catch these potential customers before they make that one second judgement to leave your site.

Keep it simple!

Websites are not the occasion to show off your artistic talents. They require clear concise branding, logos, navigation, and need to get the point across to the customer. The best website designs are those which guide you through the offered products and services effectively, meaning you don’t have to try and work out what is being sold, and which part of the site you have to go to find it.

Most people want to visit a website, find out the required information or product quickly, and leave. Everyone has limited time, so it is unluckily they will stay on your website for long if you have long introductions with music, slow loading graphics, or navigations which are difficult to use.

What is the goal of your website?

What is the aim of your website? Are you selling products? Are you showing a portfolio of work? Do you want people to contact you to ask about your services?

Identify this, as this is a huge part of your design decisions. If you are intending to sell products through your website, you want visitors to your website to immediately see you have a shop and products which you sell through your site. Make it obvious what you offer, make payment and delivery terms clear rather than your visitors having to search for it. Take away any hard work; people won’t be bothered to look for information if it is not clear.

Include all the information you can to describe what you do…

Make sure everything is covered on your website. Make your terms and conditions are clear, your delivery information obvious, and any return or refund policies easy to see. You need to remove any doubt form potential customers minds, and this can be done by answering all the questions up front.

Include everything possible in your product descriptions, from sizes, weights, delivery times, packaging information (if required) etc. Clear photographs and different angles showing your product are also vital. This is all customers will have to be able to judge whether to purchase something, so make sure you can provide as much as possible in a clear way.

Websites take hard work, tweaks and analysis of visitor behaviour. Your website can become a great source of profit if you allow it time to develop, update it, and make sure you improve it.

About the Author: Kirsten works for WhoIsHostingThis? She helps new businesses take the first steps to get visible online.

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