How to Find Great Job Candidates Through The Social Network Twitter

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With millions of users around the globe regularly using the system to connect with friends and business acquaintances, Twitter is arguably one of the most prominent social networks on the planet. The sheer enormity of the network makes it a recruiter’s dream, with plenty of untapped potential to explore. While there is no question that candidates can abound on Twitter, finding those individuals can often prove to be a massive challenge. Use the following tips to make certain you target candidates effectively on Twitter.

Seeking Candidates: How to Browse Through Potential Workers
One of the most challenging obstacles in searching for potential candidates on Twitter is finding profiles that match your unique search criteria. Often times, Twitter users have rather limited profiles, making it difficult to determine whether a particular user might be a good fit. Furthermore, finding those profiles in the first place takes a fair amount of sleuthing.

The Twitter search tool is the easiest place to start. Many times the candidates you are searching for are engaging in conversations that are relevant to the industry at hand. Try searching for tweets that contain such information, and you may find you have stumbled upon a gold mine.

Exploit Profiles for Further Candidates
Once you have found a suitable profile, the search is on! Many times, the candidates you will discover will have connected with other individuals who fit the same criteria. If the first Twitter profile you find is not necessarily what you are looking for, browse through followers and individuals being followed. You could potentially find more great success in these arenas.

Exploring Candidates Further
Not only does Twitter present a unique opportunity to find interesting candidates for a particular position, but it also allows recruiters to learn more about what the individual has to offer. In an online forum, users are much more likely to conduct themselves freely. Pay close attention to the Twitter user’s work and life balance, and watch for tweets that may seem unprofessional. By weeding out problematic candidates before the interviews begin, you can save yourself a massive hassle in the future.

While Twitter presents its own unique challenges in the recruiting process, finding qualified candidates doesn’t have to feel like mission impossible. By investing some time and energy perusing the social media site, recruiters should find plenty of interesting job candidates. Using these connections, the first steps in the hiring process can commence and a candidate can transform into an employee.

About the Author: This guide was provided by our friends over at BCL Legal– specialist legal recruiters.

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