Hints and Tricks to Get on The Instagram Popular Page

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This article will not give you tips on how to be popular on Instagram but it will give you an idea of how the page works and how you can get popular. For the newbies to Instagram it is important to get an idea of what it is. Instagram is a social platform where people can upload photos on Instagram own social network and other social networks. After uploading the pictures the number of likes on your photo will be what gives you popularity in the end.

Instagram developers say they have an intricate set of algorithms that determine who gets popular. How does it work? I bet you all want to know that but. So far there only theories which I will try to explain the selection procedure of Instagram.

Followers and likes
Well, I do not have to explain how likes and followers give you popularity but I can give you probable hint on how the Instagram codes view likes and followers. The more the number of followers you have the more number of likes you require to get to the popular page. A picture post from a person with 100 followers will require less like to hit the popular page compared to a post by a person with 10,000 followers.

The rate at which the likes are received also matters; receiving a large number of likes within a very short window of time will increase your chances of getting on the popular page. The percentage of likes you require to make the popular list is directly proportional to the number of followers you have. The particular percentages vary with time so you cannot actually pinpoint the actual percentage.

Non-Followers and Likes
You may want to increase chances of making the popular list by using #hashtags to pages that are affiliated to the theme of your picture. Let’s say you have a unique wildlife picture so you link it to wildlife social platforms using #hashtags. You may get a lot of likes from people who are not your followers.

You may get a lot of likes from non-followers and a few from your followers and this does not make the page popular. You ask why? The most likely explanation is that the more #hashtags you use the more likes you require. This is a probable theory that for every #hashtag you use the Instagram codes increase the number of likes you need by a certain number. Then in order to increase your chances of getting popular use #hashtags sparingly and wisely. If you want non-followers to like your photos it is only in order that you like their page pictures frequently.

Likes from Big shots
If you are looking for a job as a software engineer an endorsement or recommendation letter from Microsoft Founder Bill Gates or Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be a big boost to your CV. Similarly Instagram codes seem to work in with the same concept. When your post is liked by a person with 200 followers the effect is not similar as when it is liked by a person with 20,000 followers. In the popularity quest, a ‘like’ from a person with a magnitude of followers will most likely give you an edge in the race. Changing Competition
It is not uncommon to see a person get into the popular list with 50 likes in 20 minutes and you achieve the same feat the next day but you do not make the list. The thing we may not comprehend although the sun everyday rises on the east people do things differently.

Everyday there is a new set of people with a new set of pictures competing for the top ten spot. This means that the algorithms shift changing conditions. Posting many photos will not help your case because apart from competing with others you are also competing with yourself as each entry is seen as an independent entity.

It is important to note that these are theories and not proven facts. Although they are theories their validity is based on valid ideas and inspection. Hope this article helps you know what to do and what not to do as you try to get popular.

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