Healthy Employees Equals a Successful Business

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The simple truth is that when your employees are healthy, your business will be more successful. Your employees are one of the your most valuable assets and you need them to reach your goals and get good business success stories. A healthy employee is able to concentrate more, perform better, is more motivated, has more energy and creativity and will not likely be absent from work. It is in the better interests of your bottom line to do everything you can do to keep your employees healthy and well.

Here are some important ways that you can promote a healthy workplace:

Take a Look around the Office

Carefully examine your workplace. Is it a healthy place to work in? Do your employees have ergonomic chairs which will not cause them back strain and spine problems? Are your computer desks at the right height to make typing easy and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome? Is the office kept clean and free of allergens? Is there enough natural light coming in from outside and are there plants inside the office to freshen the air? If you see any details which could be improved to make a healthier workplace, make sure that you adjust them accordingly.

Are Your Office Cleaners Polluting the Air?

Many commercial cleaning companies use harsh chemicals to sanitize surfaces within the office and these cleaning solutions could actually be affecting the health of your employees. Many people are sensitive to the chemicals in office cleaning products and they can cause skin irritation, asthma problems, eye irritation and headaches.

Of course, your office needs to be kept clean to prevent the spread of illness, so the solution is to find an office cleaning company which uses gentle and natural cleaning products. Not only will these commercial cleaners be better for the environment, they will create a healthier workplace.

What Are Your Employees Snacking On?

Have you ever wondered why productivity in the office slumps around 3pm? Perhaps it’s because you always serve up a huge plate of chocolate-coated donuts at the 2:30pm meeting and everyone is crashing from their sugar high! Eating unhealthy food while they are sitting at a desk all day will make your employees feel lethargic and sleepy.

Instead, provide healthy snacks for your employees at meetings so that you can help to boost their productivity. Snacks such as fresh fruit, veggies and dip, sandwiches on whole wheat bread or nuts and trail mix are much better and will give everyone in the workplace a long term boost of real energy rather than just a blood sugar spike.

Get Everyone Up and Moving!

There have been countless studies revealing the positive effect that physical exercise has on creativity, productivity and work performance. Getting your employees up off of their desk chairs and moving around will improve blood flow to their brains and help them work better all day long. It will also lose weight and improve their general health in many ways. This in some ways also translates to better business success stories.

Many workplaces have started to establish an employee workout program where a trainer comes into the office one or more days per week and leads a group exercise. You could also engage everyone in some warm-up stretches and exercises first thing in the morning before they sit down to work. Why not place a few free weights and a couple pieces of exercise equipment in the employee break room that people can use during their lunch hour? If people are interested, you could also set up a recreational sports group so that your employees could get together after work and play football, basketball or another sport together.

Employee health is very important and if you can take the time to ensure that your employees are fit and healthy then they will be more productive and much happier. The end result/ Of course, you also get much better business success stories. 

Author Bio:From switching commercial cleaners to providing nourishing snacks, there are many ways that you can make your workplace a healthier environment for your employees. 

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