7 Ways to Drive Away Your Blog Readers

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Having a substantial number of blog readers is the life blood of any blog;
and every blogger must have the uncanny ability to keep the faithful
followers he has. Unfortunately, it is not every blogger that knows
how to build and maintain a lasting relationship with their readers
and potential followers.

If you must remain relevant in the blogosphere and become a reference
point sort of, you need to be able to display some qualities or aura
that should keep people attracted to you at all times. It is the
people that make you great; they can easily flock to you, and they can
also easily take their leave of you, depending on how you treat them.

Your blog remains relevant; your revenue appreciates and even your
page rank increases so long there are faithful blog readers who visit your
site regularly. More readers get to know about your site through the
words of mouth, personal invitations and content sharing by the
existing ones.

How can you drive your visitors away?
If you do the following things you are directly or indirectly driving
away your ardent blog readers from visiting your blog further:

1. Be ambiguous:

Just communicate to your followers in unclear terms
and they would abandon you. No one has got time to waste. Time is
precious and people want to go to places where their time can be
respected and valued.

2. Play to the gallery:

One sure way to scare away people is for you
to try to entertain yourself. Tell your readers how much you know; use
complex grammatical expressions and professional terminologies that
are difficult to decipher. They would simply look for someone that can
communicate with them at their own level.

3. Give your blog readers old stuff:

Provide your readers with old information.
Publish news or information when they have already been published on
several blogs and websites. Give them news that are no longer relevant
to the day; provide them freebies that are everywhere on the web and
give them bonuses that are hardly useful to them. The point you
succeed in communicating to them is that you are out of contact with
modern day happenings. You simply belong to the Stone Age.

4. Show no interest:

Don’t beinterested in your visitors. It
shouldn’t be your concern whether they enjoy the stuff you provide or
not. Don’t respond to their emails or questions. Get busy pleasing
yourself and care less about them. Soon you will discover you are on
your own.

5. Be selfish:

Show them how selfish you could be by engaging only in
monologue kind of interactions. Don’t give them any chance to discuss
with you. Present them with your success story all the times. Say
nothing about them; say nothing about other people, make no reference
to other websites or resources.

Only discuss topics that would
indirectly benefit you alone. Soon it would be clear to them they are
wasting their time coming to your blog. When it becomes apparent you
are concerned about yourself alone, they would look for someone
somewhere who can accommodate their interest.

6. Be deceptive:

Don’t be straight forward with them; mask up links
that would take them to your affiliate site or make them generate
income for you in a fraudulent manner. If they realize you are using
them against their wish, you are finished.

7. Fail to fulfil your promises:

Set up contests, promise bonuses but
never fulfil them. Ask them to refer friends and get rewarded but end
up not fulfilling your own side after they have religiously done

If you do the above things you are sure to lose your readers within a
short space of time. And of course, when your followers are all gone,
your blog becomes useless. If you must avoid such a disaster, then you
should learn to treat your readers better and they would remain with

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