How to Claim Your Blog on Alexa

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claim blog on alexa

Alexa is one of the most respected sites when it comes to sites’ analytics. They have the tools to measure the number of visitors, the geographical location they come from, the age bracket, sex, etc. This is one of the reasons why, besides Google pagerank, Alexa ranking is very much important.

What is Alexa Ranking?
Alexa ranking is a way of grouping websites according to the number of visitors they receive per day, week or month. All websites and blogs in the World Wide Web are compared against one another in term of traffic received. The site with rank number 1 is the best; and the higher the number the lower the rank. For instance, Google is ranked number 1 and so it is the most visited site as far as Alexa is concerned.

If a site is ranked number 10 and another is ranked number 100,000 the site with number 10 is more respected because only 9 sites are performing better than that site in the whole world. But the one with rank number 100,000 is still behind 99,999 sites in terms of traffic performance.

What is the implication for website owners?
A website owner would love his site to be visited often by a lot of people and then attract sponsorship from advertising companies. However, advertising companies favour sites with lower Alexa ranking above those with higher ranking. That means that, like we noted earlier, site that is ranked 10 would be more favoured for advertisement than that with 100,000 because it is believed that more people visit the number 10 site on a regular basis than the 100,000.

Besides, websites and blogs owners would easily want to get a back link from the site ranked 10 and get an opportunity to have their regular visitors also visit theirs. This is why several people want to rank well on Alexa since the site is about the most respected and trusted one for measuring traffic performance.

What does it mean to claim blog on Alexa?

When you visit and click on the “sites info” button, you are provided a box to type in the name of the website you want to check its performance and ranking. Then you notice that as soon as the site pops up, you will see the ranking and how it performs in some countries. You will also see the search terms people are using to locate the site on the search engines. You will as well see the reviews made by different people.

If you look carefully to the top right side of the page, you will see something like “this site is not claimed yet”. What that simply means is that the site’s ownership has not been properly proven. The owner needs to add a code to his HTML to show he has control over the site.

Now to claim on Alexa
In order to claim the site, you login into your Alexa dashboard if you are already registered there. Click on “Add a site” and you will be presented with the Products – Plans and Pricing. These include “Free, Intro, Basic Insight and Advance” options. Click on whichever package you want. Each package has its own advantage.
If you want the Free option, click on “Free” and then “Sign up”. Add the URL of your website or blogsite. You will see this message:

Claim Your Site
To claim your site you must show that you have control of the site.
Once claimed, you will be able to easily update your site’s contact information, title and description; and respond to user reviews of your site.
Status: Not Claimed Yet
Please choose one of the following:
Option 1:
Upload a file to
1. Download this file to your computer. Download
2. Upload the file to the root directory The root directory is the directory where the home page of your website is located. of your site.
3. Verify the file on your site
If you have problems with claiming your site, please see our FAQ.
Add your Alexa verification ID to the home page of your site. Your verification ID is: RthwkHw9riWPZViaSDBYvCgGZ3c section of the HTML of your home page.

The title of your home page

You could put your verification ID in a
content=”keyword1,keyword2, RthwkHw9riWPZViaSDBYvCgGZ3c” />
Or, as one of your keywords

Your content is here. The verification ID will NOT be detected if you put it here.

Verify my ID

Simply copy one of the above codes (without closing the window) and go to your blog if you are using Blogger blog. It is better to copy the line coloured green if you don’t know anything about meta tags. Go to your dashboard and click on Template (in the new interface); then click “Edit HTML”, click continue and then on the HTML area, click on “Expand template” and then place your cursor at the end of the first line and Click “Ctrl+F” and you will be provided a space on your status bar or above. Simply type into that space the following and paste the code you copied from Alexa just below that area and click on “Save template”.
Now return to Alexa and click on “Verify my ID”. After receiving a text that it was successfully claimed, follow the rest steps to complete the process. Fill in the Title, site description, Owner’s name, address, email, etc and you are done. Congratulations! You have just claimed your site.
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